Hello everyone!
Hope you are all doing well!
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Right so lets get on with this post then!
I got a few Lush items as an anniversary present from John, which was super sweet and I thought I would share them with you guys!
I received this gorgeous "Great Balls Of Bicarb" tube which has 5 different bath bombs in it, some of which I have used and some I haven't.
The 5 bath bombs are:
Dragons Egg
The Experimenter

Out of these 5 bath bombs I have used 2, dragons egg and twilight.
The dragons egg bath bomb was so cute and really cool too! As it fizzes away in the tub a yolky colour begins to come out the bomb like a real egg and it also releases multicolours too! The scent of this bath bomb is a gorgeous jasmine scent too, which I love! This bath bomb can be bought singularly from lush at £3.95.

Twilight is the second bomb Ive used before. This bath bomb is so cute and sparkly, I believe I have blogged about it before on one of my previous lush hauls!
It has a lovely lavender scent which is so calming and relaxing at night and the colours light up the bath water like a twilight sky with a mix of blues, purples and pinks. This bath bomb can also be bought for £3.95.

Okay now onto the bath bombs I haven't yet tried, but thought I would share them with you anyway!
The experimenter is the next bath bomb which is new for me! This is such a bright and multicoloured bomb which looks super exciting! The colours look so vibrant in the water in demos and the smell is a sweet vanilla which is to die for! This one is priced at £4.25. It also has a slight pop to it with some popping candy inside for a surprise!

Up next is the intergalactic bath bomb which has also got some gorgeous vibrant colours to it! As well as the vibrant colours there is also glitter within this one, which I love so much! This bath bomb has such an uplifting and refreshing scent of grapefruit oil, but also has a slight cooling scent with the addition of peppermint oil too! I can't wait to try this bath bomb it looks super cool and smells amazing! It is also priced at £4.25, which is amazing!

The final bath bomb I received was the frozen bomb! This is clearly frozen inspired from the film, which I love! This bomb has a range of different oils which make the scent so amazing! These oils range from grapefruit to neroli oil and also rose oil too and they all work so well together! The colours of this bomb are such gorgeous tones of blue which create a gorgeous snowy winter effect! Makes me want to sit by the fire with a cuppa! This bath bomb is priced at £4.25 too!

So that is the post for today guys. I hope you all enjoyed it, I really love doing cute posts like these and Im also now shooting my pictures on my new camera, the canon G7X, which I can say is brilliant I have been using it for my YouTube videos and my recent blog post photos and I can really see a difference myself!

Hope you all are having an amazing day!
There are photos below of the bath bombs from this post go have a look!
Stay Happy
Love Lucy x