Tuesday, 11 April 2017


Hello everyone!
Hope you are all doing well!
As you would have seen in my last post I have launched my Youtube Channel! I would really love it if you guys could go subscribe over there and comment on my most recent video saying my blog sent you!
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Right so lets get on with this post then!
I got a few Lush items as an anniversary present from John, which was super sweet and I thought I would share them with you guys!
I received this gorgeous "Great Balls Of Bicarb" tube which has 5 different bath bombs in it, some of which I have used and some I haven't.
The 5 bath bombs are:
Dragons Egg
The Experimenter

Out of these 5 bath bombs I have used 2, dragons egg and twilight.
The dragons egg bath bomb was so cute and really cool too! As it fizzes away in the tub a yolky colour begins to come out the bomb like a real egg and it also releases multicolours too! The scent of this bath bomb is a gorgeous jasmine scent too, which I love! This bath bomb can be bought singularly from lush at £3.95.

Twilight is the second bomb Ive used before. This bath bomb is so cute and sparkly, I believe I have blogged about it before on one of my previous lush hauls!
It has a lovely lavender scent which is so calming and relaxing at night and the colours light up the bath water like a twilight sky with a mix of blues, purples and pinks. This bath bomb can also be bought for £3.95.

Okay now onto the bath bombs I haven't yet tried, but thought I would share them with you anyway!
The experimenter is the next bath bomb which is new for me! This is such a bright and multicoloured bomb which looks super exciting! The colours look so vibrant in the water in demos and the smell is a sweet vanilla which is to die for! This one is priced at £4.25. It also has a slight pop to it with some popping candy inside for a surprise!

Up next is the intergalactic bath bomb which has also got some gorgeous vibrant colours to it! As well as the vibrant colours there is also glitter within this one, which I love so much! This bath bomb has such an uplifting and refreshing scent of grapefruit oil, but also has a slight cooling scent with the addition of peppermint oil too! I can't wait to try this bath bomb it looks super cool and smells amazing! It is also priced at £4.25, which is amazing!

The final bath bomb I received was the frozen bomb! This is clearly frozen inspired from the film, which I love! This bomb has a range of different oils which make the scent so amazing! These oils range from grapefruit to neroli oil and also rose oil too and they all work so well together! The colours of this bomb are such gorgeous tones of blue which create a gorgeous snowy winter effect! Makes me want to sit by the fire with a cuppa! This bath bomb is priced at £4.25 too!

So that is the post for today guys. I hope you all enjoyed it, I really love doing cute posts like these and Im also now shooting my pictures on my new camera, the canon G7X, which I can say is brilliant I have been using it for my YouTube videos and my recent blog post photos and I can really see a difference myself!

Hope you all are having an amazing day!
There are photos below of the bath bombs from this post go have a look!
Stay Happy
Love Lucy x

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Life Update - March

Hey guys,
Right so as I'm writing this blog post Im on my way to Bristol with John to see my sister and spend mine and johns 2 year anniversary there, which will be fun!
As we speak I have got my new Canon G7X camera, which omg can I just say how amazing the quality is!? Ive never really had an expensive camera before so it was my first time spending that much on a camera, but oh its made me very happy!
I thought that I would just do a quick life update on my blog because I wanted to haha!

So on thursday I finished my second nursing placement for my first year of my degree and I really enjoyed it. I was out with the community nurses not too far from where I live which was handy! I have also had a essay to do and have finished that now, so its safe to say Ive been a little busy!
However it is easter soon, which is yet another holiday that I love! I really like all the food that comes with easter, especially all the chocolate!! My go to easter egg has to be Malteaser. If you guys have any posts or recipes that you want to see a blog post on let me know in the comments below!

Also something to note, I recently launched my youtube channel, if you guys could I would be so thankful if you could subscribe! I will be posting very soon so watch this space!

Im sorry for this short little post but I thought I would do a quick life update as I haven't done one in a while!

I hope you all are having a good week so far and have an amazing weekend!
Stay Happy
Love Lucy x

Saturday, 25 March 2017

5 Super Healthy Quick Snacks!

So hello there!
Hope you have been having a fab week so far! My week has been up and down, but that is life!
Anyways I thought I would do a little post on 5 things you can snack on that are super quick to make and are super healthy too! If you guys have any easy snack recipes then comment down below, would be so good to share ideas and help everyone out!
As I mentioned in my previous post Im starting up my youtube channel and I would os appreciated you guys if you could go and subscribe, I have so much support from all my friends and family and it would mean the world to me!
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So lets get on with the blog post...

The first snack is one of my favs and its super easy to make! This snack is apples and almond butter! This is such a good snack to have as it has sugars and proteins together to keep you going for longer without hitting all the crappy food, which makes you feel good at the time but later on you end up with headaches and it just goes down hill... Its also a super easy snack to make as all you have to do it chop up an apple and grab a tablespoon of almond butter and shove it on a plate and voila! This snack also tastes amazing theres just something about the mix of the two that works so perfectly!

Then next snack that is super tasty but super healthy is of course carrot sticks and peppers dipped in hummus! Now the hummus i usually have is store bought red pepper hummus, but making your own can be just as good and even healthy, but for the pure essence of time and effort store bought is just fine. I will usually chop up a carrot and red bell pepper and the grab the hummus and put about 1-2 tablespoons in depending on how much I feel like having. But this snack is just such a quick and easy one that also tastes amazing!

Another fab snack to have is popcorn! I know what you're thinking how can popcorn be a healthy snack?? Well if you got a popcorn air machine then you can buy the corn from most supermarkets and then simply just pop the corn in the machine and voila, obviously adding things like sugar and salt don't make it very healthy any more but popcorn fills you up quickly and is a great thing to snack on!

The fourth snack that I love to eat is of course granola! I love snacking on granola as it keeps me going for longer meaning I don't snack on other crap because Im fully for longer. The granola I usually have is the Rude Health Honey and nut granola. I also love this one as it completely wholegrain and also contains spelt.

The final snack that I love to eat are kale crisps,  these are such easy snacks and taste amazing, don't forget they are a superfood too! So I grab a bunch of curly kale then just sprinkle some chilli powder over the top with a drizzle of coconut oil then shove it in the oven to crisp up which usually takes about 8 mins on 180 degrees fan.

So those are my top 5 go to snacks which are super quick and super healthy! I hope these help and if you guys know any good snacks comment them below as it would be so great to come up with new ideas! Also let me know if you guys like this kind of post if so let me know down below and also go and subscribe to my youtube channel above ^^ .

Stay Happy
Love Lucy x

Wednesday, 15 March 2017


So hey guys, 
its been a little while since I last blogged just been super busy and life keeps catching up with me! So the other day I vlogged and Ive edited it, although it was on my crappy camera as thats my only one which films (sad face). I did however really enjoy vlogging and I really liked looking back on what I did. Im currently trying to get hold of the Canon G7X camera to use for videos, but its impossible as they constantly go out of stock. So when I can get hold of the camera I will be able to start up my youtube channel which I have wanted to do for ages but at the moment Im just messing around with videos and editing, so Im used to it by the time they come back in stock! Anyway enough chit chat I need to get on with this post!

So this post was just a quick review on a new MAC lipstick i bought in the shade Mehr. This shade is a really pretty dirty pink with a berry undertone with a matte finish, as you can see this from my swatch down below. 

This is my fourth MAC lipstick now so the collection is slowly growing! I really like this lipstick along with all my other MAC lipsticks just because they last so long and the colours are so lovely. I really like that they have such a wide range of both colours and finishes. I paid £16.50 for this lipstick which I believe has gone up in price :(. You can grab them from debenham's or MACs website. Oh well the quality of these lipsticks is incredible and I would definitely recommend them! I think this colour Mehr will go nicely with a cute outfit of jeans and a plain top or a pinafore and top. Also with spring coming its a gorgeous colour to wear!

If you wanna have a look at my MAC lipstick wish list click here >><< 
Hope you liked this little short post and there should be another post up soon!

Stay happy
Love Lucy x