Wednesday, 18 January 2017

My MAC Lipstick Wishlist.


Hope you are all doing well! Is it me or is 2017 already going way too fast!? Also did you guys make any resolutions and have you stuck to them? Ive not been doing too badly, Ive been eating fairly healthy and going to the gym, but haven't really stopped biting my nails yet...
Anyway hope you are all having an amazing January so far!
Now this post is a little different to what I would usually do with make up like hauls, but instead I saw a few posts from other bloggers on Bloglovin which were about their makeup wish lists! I thought this was so cool so Ive decided to do it for my MAC Lipstick wish list as that list is quite a long one! And also maybe if any of you have tried them you can let me know of what you think of them down in the comments below!

Right so first thing is first obviously I had to go onto the website and pick out a few colours from the MAC lipstick range that I want to try and that took a while... There are so many out now, I think this collection will have to be built up slowly but surely. Also please excuse the fact that the majority of these colours are pinky nudes but I'm really loving them at the moment! All the lipsticks from MAC are priced at £15.50.

1- Hue is the first lipstick that is on this list from MAC.  This lipstick looks gorgeous soft pale pink with a glaze undertone. I think it would look gorgeous with a pair of black jeans and any pastel coloured top. Also it would work really well with darker eyeshadow as its not too dark on the lips so would match perfectly.

2 - The second lipstick is Kinda Sexy. This is a matte lipstick with a neutral pink rose colour. It may look similar to hue but because it is matte it has a different finish which I love. I love matte lipsticks and they are really in at the moment so definitely need to get this one soon!

3 - The third lipstick from my wish list is Ruby Woo. This is a true red with a blue undertone, it is a matte red which again I would love to have as the red lipsticks that I currently own aren't matte. Also even though I don't wear red much I want to get into wearing it more so hopefully buying this will make me!

4 - The next colour is another nude pink. This is a matte lipstick which is a slightly more beige colour that kinda sexy and since Im loving nudes at the moment why not get every single shade of nude I can!?

5 - Mehr is the next colour that I want to try from MAC. I think this colour looks gorgeous but whether it will suit me is a whole other story. This is a Dirty blue pink matte lipstick and
looks slightly purple because of this.

6 - Next in this list is Diva, this is a amazing berry colour. Its matte red burgundy colour which I think would look gorgeous! Really love this colour and have many berry shades of other lipsticks but I really want a MAC berry colour so this is perfect!

7 - The 7th lipstick on my wish list is sin. This is a deep dark red with blue tones. Its a matte lipstick so the finish will be really nice and as I said before I love matte lipsticks.

8 - Next up is Shanghai Spice. This is a neutral pink which has a cremesheen finish which I think would be really lovely to wear around this time of year. Also the amount of outfits I think it would go with is endless! Its going to be like a new velvet teddy I feel.

9 - Patisserie is the next lipstick. This is just a really nice neutral pink which everyone needs in their lipstick collection, it also has a lustre finish Ive never tried that so hopefully it will look as gorgeous on me as it does look in this picture.

10 - Last but not least on my wish list is Blankety, this is a lovely nude which is a soft pinky beige colour with a finish of amplified cream so it will have a gorgeous creamy shine to it! Really love this colour too!

I love all these shades! Whats your favourite lipstick!? Is it a nude, bright red or a berry colour? You can find all these colours on the MAC website. Let me know! Hope you all have a fabulous week!

Stay Happy
Love Lucy x
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Friday, 13 January 2017

Winter Essentials - New Look Haul!

Hope all is well again I thought I would do a little clothing haul that I picked up from New Look as I love looking at clothes other people buy I thought you guys would love it too and maybe it will give you some winter outfit ideas too!

Right so as my last post was quite a long one I thought that I would make this one not too long and get straight to the point. So I went to Brighton and obviously popped into the New Look store by Churchill Square because who wouldn't?!? I only picked up a few items but i think they are super cute and are classic winter essentials and that everyone needs at least one of each of these items stocked in their wardrobes during the cold winter months.

So the first item is this cute high neck baby pink 3/4 length sleeve top. I got this in the sale for like £4 I believe which I thought was amazing! I really love these tops as at the moment I really like pairing them with either a skirt or pinafore. Also these tops keep me super warm which is essential in times like this! Because I got this in the sale Im not sure if they will still have it for this price but Im pretty sure you can still buy similar ones from New Look for a good price. 

Next up is this gorgeous striped jumper, it is slightly cropped which I love and is super cosy! I really like these colours at the moment and the stripes are really cute I think anyway. I believe I paid £20 for this which i think is really good for such a cute jumper! I have been wearing this with my pleather skirt, leggings and jeans so it works well with anything! Also I think the colours look quite wintery which made me want it even more. 

The third and final item of this small haul is this cute hat! I just saw this and thought I had to have it the only problem is that I don't know what to wear it with!? If you guys have any ideas please help me and comment down below what you think I should wear with this hat. I paid £7.99 for this hat which is really good for such an adorable hat! I really love the fact that it has two pom pom's because it makes it super unique! I just need to figure out how to wear it properly.

So right that is the haul, i know its a very small haul but still I thought the items were too cute not to share with you guys! Im really loving new looks clothes at the moment so you ay see a few more of these at some point in the future! Also the great thing about New Look is that as a student using my NUS card I get at least 10% off all items sometimes even 20% which helps so much when I want to buy a tonne of new clothes.

I hope you liked this post guys, comment down below what clothes you've been loving from new look recently!

Stay Happy 
Love Lucy x

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Lush Haul 2017

Hello Guys!
I hope you are all having a brill week so first, the first week of the new year 2017! So far I haven't had the best start to the new year as I have been ill for the majority of it, but the good news is that I am starting to feel better! But today was such a lovely afternoon that I spent with my boyfriend John in Chichester. It was a great way to start the shopping off for the new year! I bought a couple of items from Topshop but only a few so I probably won't do a haul as it was so small. However I did go into Lush and bought 5 items so I didn't do too badly but still whoops...

I recently ran out of Lush products as I had been using them throughout the whole of December so needed to top up a bit. Because you all know just how much I love Lush I thought I would show which items I bought and why so here we go...

The all of these products are bath bombs and bubble bars and usually these are what I buy from lush as I use them the most, although I would like to adventure out and use some of the different products that Lush sell like their lip products and I would like to try their soaps too! So look out for future hauls where I may buy a few different things from lush and stray out of my comfort zone.

So I thought I would start by talking about the bubble bar that I bought from Lush. So this bath product is the Comforter bubble bar which is priced at £4.95. This product is so great I have used it a few times before so I know exactly what I love about this product! This product for starters has 2-4 uses per bubble bar and turns the water a beautiful pink purple colour. This product contains cypress oil which is antiseptic and a relaxing oil, also the aroma is just like fresh blackcurrants. This also contains Bergamot oil which is one of my favourite things in lush products it just smells so good! If you aren't sure how to use bubble bars all you do is run some of the product under water and is produces a mountain of bubbles for your bath.

The next 4 products are all bath bombs which as you all know are my favourite product that Lush sell.

Okay so the first bath bomb I'm gonna talk about is the Twilight bath bomb. This is such a lovely bath bomb priced at £3.75 each.  This bath bomb smells like sweet lavender with a beautiful twilight sky of colours. The colour of this bath bomb is gorgeous its a light purple with the mix of baby blue creating this gorgeous starry night in your bath. Also what I love about this is that its glittery which makes it even better! I would really recommend getting this bath bomb if you love glittery bombs with lavender scents.

The next bath bomb is the Avobath bomb which is priced at £3.50 per bomb. It contains lemongrass and bergamot oils which as you already know I love the scent of. This bath bomb is super good for you skin with its hydrating properties because it contains avocado and extra virgin olive oil. I also love this product as it makes your bath a gorgeous green colour and feels super good when you get out. Also the reason why I bought this one was to help with my dry skin as lately Ive been having dry skin so this is really good for helping that out! So any of you out there with dry skin give this a go and see how you get on with it!

The third bath bomb is the Think Pink bomb which is £2.75 per product. This bath bomb is a little smaller compared to the others but I still think that its brilliant for the price. This bath bomb smells really sweet with vanilla and lavender scents. It turns the bath a gorgeous bright pink which is such a cute bath bomb and a must for any girly girls who love sweet scents! It also contains Neroli oil which is uplifting and toning for the body. This is a lovely bath bomb and I would really recommend all of you guys in love with sweet scents and also the price is brilliant.

 The last and final bath bomb is called Lava Lamp I believe and is priced at £4.25. This bomb contains Tangerine oil which creates a really lovely citrus scent and is uplifting and toning on the body. Also this bomb like many others is really hydrating as it contains extra virgin olive oil and its softening on the body as it contains organic cocoa butter. This bomb turns the bath a vibrant orange with blobs of blue/purple dots. This is a gorgeous bath bomb and I would recommend this to anyone who loves a citrus smelling bomb with amazing skin properties that help to rehydrate the skin.

 So that's the post guys, I hope you liked it and as I said I wanna buy some of the different products that Lush sell. Let me know what you guys think of these bath bombs if you've tried them before or any bath bombs you'd recommend?

Stay Happy
Love Lucy x

Saturday, 7 January 2017

How To Be A Healthier You!

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Hope you are all doing well and have been having a good week!
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Anyway as it is a new year I'm sure many of you will be setting goals for 2017 and from information I have gathered from others many people will be aiming to be healthier in 2017 and yes I am one of them... This goal is a very common one for everyone but the difference is that this year I have joined a gym! Wahoo! Now this gym isn't that cheap but I managed to get a student membership for 6 months at Virgin Active gym, I really like this gym as its close to me and just is really easy to get to and has everything I could need at a gym. Also plus side of it being expensive means that not a huge amount of people will be there to watch me whilst I workout which is very off putting! Also on days where I may not be able to get to the gym or anything like that I am completing the Blogilates workout calendar which I love! I love her workouts as they are just the perfect fun workout needed to boost your day! Also It does feel nice when you workout with someone else, I know she is on the screen but she is still there and encouraging you to workout to be your best!

So I know I kinda already got into the post but I thought I would right a little about a slight routine you could follow if your aiming to be healthier in 2017. I am in no way a professional in healthy living so don't hold me to what I say as they are my opinions which I have learnt from my own experiences.

Right so first thing that I find whenever I am wanting to be healthy again is to sort out the food cupboards and get new gym clothing. What I mean by sorting out the cupboards is my way of saying get rid of all the junk food and rubbish in your cupboard because if it isn't there then you aren't tempted by it! After that I always try to fill up my cupboards and fridge with fresh nutritious foods and I'm going to put a list down below of some of the products that I really like to have around the house when I am trying to be healthy. Next is getting new clothing to workout in! I love buying new clothes anyway so any excuse to get me to buy some new clothes is perfect! There are so many options when it comes to buying new gym clothes so I thought I would say a few which I think are great!
- Topshop IVY PARK range
- Nike and Adidas
- Fabletics
I recently just bought a few items from the IVY PARK range in Toyshop, and I love them! They are super comfy to wear when working out and look gorgeous too! Also guys get yourself some good trainers as you're going to be using them for a long time!

Next is to equip yourself up for this journey! So you're probably wondering what I mean by that, and what I mean is that you need to prepare yourself and your surroundings. This includes any equipment that you may need in order to be a healthier you! So I went and got a yoga mat as I love them and plus they are brilliant to do Pilate's and yoga, I got mine really cheap from Lidl and the quality seems perfectly fine, so if you are looking for a cheaper way to get fit Lidl is such a good place to look as they do tonnes of workout stuff at affordable prices. Also this includes if you need some weights and accessories like a water bottle of a phone holder which wraps around your arm or body so you can workout to some tunes. You can have a browse around, I got the majority of my stuff from Sainsburys and Sports Direct as both of them aren't too expensive but they still do the job!

A few other Tips:
- Drink plenty of water. I know people will say this all the time but I cannot stress enough how important it is to drink water especially as you are trying to be healthier!
- Get enough sleep.  You should aim to get around 7-8 hours of sleep every night as without sleep your body functions won't be working efficiently which will impact your body and in most cases prevent you from losing weight. Also if you're tired all the time you're not going to want to workout so it just has a negative impact on you!
- Get motivated - This isn't just for pure vanity you need to find the fun in working out and actually enjoy being healthy otherwise it just isn't going to stick!

List of some of the foods I like to eat when being healthy:
- Fruit (any fruit like apples, blueberries, strawberries), its best to buy what ever is in season as that way it can be a lot cheaper for you.
- Veg - Carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, spinach etc..
- Nut Butters - I love the meridian nut butters as you can get so many different ones, my favourite has to be the almond butter one which tastes super good!
- Rice cakes - I love these with some of my nut butters on like the almond butter.
- The good carbs as I call them - Quinoa, Couscous, Wholemeal rice and pasta.
- Homemade Popcorn - Just buying the Corn without anything added to it is such  great snack that I love eating whenever I am peckish!
- Protein shakes and bars for after gym and workout sessions. If you want me to talk more about what I use and which ones I buy then let me know down below in the comments and I may do a little post about that!

Right so guys I know this was probably just a random post for you, but I hope some of my tips will help you get starting in become a healthier you! I know I am going to be trying to be healthier and I will update on my progress as I go along. If you have any questions you can either email me from my contact page or just comment down below and I will try my best to answer what ever questions you may have!

Stay Happy
Love Lucy x