Wednesday, 15 February 2017

So Much Love! Valentines 2017

So hello guys,
As you all know February 14th was just upon us and whether you spent Valentines day with a loved one or with friends or with yourself, there are so many reasons why we should all love it and look forward to it!

I know quite a few people believe that Valentines day is just a holiday which seems pointless to some as they believe that you should love all the time and not just on a specific day and I do agree that yes you should always share love! But then part of me really loves Valentines day and i think i always have as it has just always been such a happy holiday for me! Even before I was in a relationship I always loved it so its not just because Im all coupled up but its just such a lovely holiday to spread the love! Also I do love the colours for Valentines and it gives me an excuse to wear a bright red lipstick, and why wouldn't you take that opportunity?!?

When I was younger my mum was brilliant in encouraging us to look forward to every single holiday there is in a year including valentines day! My mum always used to get me and my sister something for valentines day which really just shows that you don't necessarily need a partner for valentines day as that is just a stereotype! For me its a time to appreciate and love family and friends as well as your partner if you're in a relationship! So for those people who believe it isn't holiday title worthy thats something to think about.

I also talked to John my boyfriend about it and we discussed how everyday should be a day where you care and show your partner just how much you love them, but also its nice to have a day where everyone is loving towards one another.

For the Valentines day just gone I had quite a busy day and well a pretty amazing one too! To start off the day I was on placement with the community nurses and then halfway through the shift I got a message from my dad saying that flowers and chocolates had been delivered for me, after my shift had ended I got the train to where John lives in his Uni accommodation and met him there! I was just super happy to see him as after a long day all I want sometimes is a cuddle and a nice chilled evening with him. I got dressed and wore a red jumpsuit with a gorgeous berry lip but nothing too extravagant! We then went to Nando's for some food before going to watch a film, the food was so nice and I got 20% off with my NHS discount card even better!! We then went to see the film and got some ice cream which was yummy! After the film we headed back to mine for a chilled evening as I had to be up early the next day for placement. Overall I had such a lovely valentines day and was totally spoilt!

John bought me way too much as usual! The sweetie got me 30 red roses and chocolates with a note delivered to me which I really love and appreciate so much! He also spoilt me with some lovely Lush products and you all know how much I love Lush, I also got a real cute IVY PARK active wear set! I may do a post of some of these stuff soon so watch this space!

Anyway sorry for rambling on but I thought that people need to take days like valentines day and appreciate them just that little bit more and SHARE THE LOVE!!

Stay Happy
Love Lucy x
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Thursday, 9 February 2017

January Favourites

Hello guys,
So I realise it has been a little while since my last post...apologies for that but I have been super busy with University and my Nursing exams coming up very soon and I have also just started my new placement! 
When I've been looking back at my older posts in December I realised I didn't do a December favourites so I thought it was about time that I did a favourites post!

So the first thing that I have been loving this January is a TV series called The Vampire Diaries! Now Im sure many of you are familiar with this show and as am I as I have watched them all previously but since it had been a while since I last saw them I decided to start watching them again because I love them so much! I really like most series which are fantasy based which slight thrills and romance. So if any of you guys know of some good ones let me know down below! 

Makeup wise I have been loving the Anastasia dip brow pomade, the urban decay clear brow gel and the balm nude dude palette which I recently did a review of so go check that out too! So I only recently have been experimenting with different brow products as I usually only stick to my trusted barry M brow product. When I first tried the Anastasia dip brow pomade I wasn't sure about the colour from the first view of it as I got the shade Taupe which is a lighter brown and similar to MACs charcoal brown eyeshadow colour. I found that just went really well with my brows and was really easy to blend out so it wasn't at all sharp and was a nice gradual brow. This was priced at just £15 from feel unique.   I also have begun to use the Urban Decay brow gel which is clear and I have found that from just using this it really helps my brows stay in place so they don't move about all day! If you know what I mean you know! This one was £15 from Debenham's. I also have been loving the balms nude dude palette which I have done a recent review on so go check that out for some more details! The colours in this palette are gorgeous and all go really well together! I believe this was £32 from feel unique. 

I have also been really loving my protein powder that I use, which is from Protein World. I get the Slender blend from there and I had tried two flavours; Vanilla and Salted Caramel. Both of these flavours are amazing and the powder blends so well and can be mixed with water, milk or almond milk. The blend is super smooth and I would really recommend this powder to everyone! They do a range of different types of protein powders and also occasionally have student discount which really does help me! 

So that is all for the moment. Hope you liked the post, again sorry its been a while! Let me know what you've been loving in the comments down below! 

Stay happy 

Friday, 27 January 2017

The Balm Nude Tude Palette Review With Swatches

Hello guys!

So it feels like it has been ages since I last did a post, but its only been a week! So today I thought I would do a little post about a new palette I got the other week! The palette I got was the balm Nude Tude palette which is gorgeous! Also if you guys read my post on my journey to being a healthier me, I'm hoping to do an update soon for it. If you guys have any questions you want me to answer about it let me know down below!
So lets get on with the post!

Ive included swatches as i thought it would make it easier to see what the colours actually look like on skin. This palette is priced at £32.00 which Is such a good price for the quality of these shadows! I really love the balm products as they are such great value for money and are just beautiful! These colours as so pigmented and set on the eyes for the whole day! I love all the colours and this palette has become part of my daily routine!

Right so I thought I would go through the colours quickly and just say which ones are my faves and which ones aren't quite my colour but are still gorgeous! Also can I just say I love all the names of the colours which makes me love this palette even more!

Right so going from the left to the right along the top row first.

Sassy - This is a gorgeous illuminating white with a glitter base which makes it oh so lovely to put in the corner of my eyes and i find that i can blend this with almost everything! So this is a really lovely colour in the palette and don't really think you can go wrong with a glittery white!

Stubborn - This colour is a nude rose pink with a sheen to it which is such a lovely colour mixed with a few other darker shades in the crease. I generally use this on the lid of my eye as a base colour as it mixes really well with other colours too so its perfect!

Selfish - This is really nice copper brown glittery shadow and i love using this one on my lid too as it works really well with other shades. I has a sort of grey undertone which i also love. Pretty sure there isn't a single colour in this palette that I don't not love.

Sophisticated - This is a darker glittery brown which is nice to use in my crease or to darken a look up and the pigmentation is UNREAL!  Love this colour as I just love nudes and browns so why the heck would I not love this colour?!?

Sexy - Now OMG this colour is probably my favourite in this palette and its not a colour i would usually go for but omg in my crease this looks so gorgeous. Its a dark wine red brown matte colour (like my description yeah?) and it just blends really nicely with loads of different colours!

Serious - I love this colour as i find its really difficult to get a matte black in a palette so just is such a good one if I'm trying to create a smoky eye. I feel like everyone needs a matte black in their eyeshadow collection!

Right so that is the first row now on to the second row...

Snobby - This is a really cute playful yellow/orange glitter shadow and i haven't really used this much but it is such a gorgeous colour I feel like it is more of a summer colour so i will definitely be aiming to use this in the summer.

Stand-offish - This is a sheen rose pink which is glittery. This is gorgeous on the eye lid and looks amazing just on its own too which is so nice to have an eyeshadow that works both on its own and with others.

Sultry - This is a matte brown which is such a lovely colour for all over the eyes and also works really nicely as an eyebrow shade to fill in them brows.

Seductive - This is a lovely brass glittery colour which is really nice to wear in the outer corner of the eye and also works nicely in the crease and under the waterline.

Silly - This is very similar to sophisticated just a  little bit darker and more glittery which i loveeee!

Sleek - This is a dark brown matte shade which is gorgeous in the crease and also just a classic natural shade for a more brown smoky eye.

So that's all 12 colours in this palette and i love all of them! I would really suggest getting this palette if you love more neutral tones and browns because the colours are just so pretty!
Swatches of the colours are down below.

Stay Happy,
Love Lucy x
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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

My MAC Lipstick Wishlist.


Hope you are all doing well! Is it me or is 2017 already going way too fast!? Also did you guys make any resolutions and have you stuck to them? Ive not been doing too badly, Ive been eating fairly healthy and going to the gym, but haven't really stopped biting my nails yet...
Anyway hope you are all having an amazing January so far!
Now this post is a little different to what I would usually do with make up like hauls, but instead I saw a few posts from other bloggers on Bloglovin which were about their makeup wish lists! I thought this was so cool so Ive decided to do it for my MAC Lipstick wish list as that list is quite a long one! And also maybe if any of you have tried them you can let me know of what you think of them down in the comments below!

Right so first thing is first obviously I had to go onto the website and pick out a few colours from the MAC lipstick range that I want to try and that took a while... There are so many out now, I think this collection will have to be built up slowly but surely. Also please excuse the fact that the majority of these colours are pinky nudes but I'm really loving them at the moment! All the lipsticks from MAC are priced at £15.50.

1- Hue is the first lipstick that is on this list from MAC.  This lipstick looks gorgeous soft pale pink with a glaze undertone. I think it would look gorgeous with a pair of black jeans and any pastel coloured top. Also it would work really well with darker eyeshadow as its not too dark on the lips so would match perfectly.

2 - The second lipstick is Kinda Sexy. This is a matte lipstick with a neutral pink rose colour. It may look similar to hue but because it is matte it has a different finish which I love. I love matte lipsticks and they are really in at the moment so definitely need to get this one soon!

3 - The third lipstick from my wish list is Ruby Woo. This is a true red with a blue undertone, it is a matte red which again I would love to have as the red lipsticks that I currently own aren't matte. Also even though I don't wear red much I want to get into wearing it more so hopefully buying this will make me!

4 - The next colour is another nude pink. This is a matte lipstick which is a slightly more beige colour that kinda sexy and since Im loving nudes at the moment why not get every single shade of nude I can!?

5 - Mehr is the next colour that I want to try from MAC. I think this colour looks gorgeous but whether it will suit me is a whole other story. This is a Dirty blue pink matte lipstick and
looks slightly purple because of this.

6 - Next in this list is Diva, this is a amazing berry colour. Its matte red burgundy colour which I think would look gorgeous! Really love this colour and have many berry shades of other lipsticks but I really want a MAC berry colour so this is perfect!

7 - The 7th lipstick on my wish list is sin. This is a deep dark red with blue tones. Its a matte lipstick so the finish will be really nice and as I said before I love matte lipsticks.

8 - Next up is Shanghai Spice. This is a neutral pink which has a cremesheen finish which I think would be really lovely to wear around this time of year. Also the amount of outfits I think it would go with is endless! Its going to be like a new velvet teddy I feel.

9 - Patisserie is the next lipstick. This is just a really nice neutral pink which everyone needs in their lipstick collection, it also has a lustre finish Ive never tried that so hopefully it will look as gorgeous on me as it does look in this picture.

10 - Last but not least on my wish list is Blankety, this is a lovely nude which is a soft pinky beige colour with a finish of amplified cream so it will have a gorgeous creamy shine to it! Really love this colour too!

I love all these shades! Whats your favourite lipstick!? Is it a nude, bright red or a berry colour? You can find all these colours on the MAC website. Let me know! Hope you all have a fabulous week!

Stay Happy
Love Lucy x
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