Wednesday, 15 March 2017


So hey guys, 
its been a little while since I last blogged just been super busy and life keeps catching up with me! So the other day I vlogged and Ive edited it, although it was on my crappy camera as thats my only one which films (sad face). I did however really enjoy vlogging and I really liked looking back on what I did. Im currently trying to get hold of the Canon G7X camera to use for videos, but its impossible as they constantly go out of stock. So when I can get hold of the camera I will be able to start up my youtube channel which I have wanted to do for ages but at the moment Im just messing around with videos and editing, so Im used to it by the time they come back in stock! Anyway enough chit chat I need to get on with this post!

So this post was just a quick review on a new MAC lipstick i bought in the shade Mehr. This shade is a really pretty dirty pink with a berry undertone with a matte finish, as you can see this from my swatch down below. 

This is my fourth MAC lipstick now so the collection is slowly growing! I really like this lipstick along with all my other MAC lipsticks just because they last so long and the colours are so lovely. I really like that they have such a wide range of both colours and finishes. I paid £16.50 for this lipstick which I believe has gone up in price :(. You can grab them from debenham's or MACs website. Oh well the quality of these lipsticks is incredible and I would definitely recommend them! I think this colour Mehr will go nicely with a cute outfit of jeans and a plain top or a pinafore and top. Also with spring coming its a gorgeous colour to wear!

If you wanna have a look at my MAC lipstick wish list click here >><< 
Hope you liked this little short post and there should be another post up soon!

Stay happy
Love Lucy x

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Fitness Journey - Part 1

Hey guys!
Hope you are all okay and have had a good week!
So as promised I thought I would do a little about my fitness journey so far since joining the gym.
So as I said previously I joined my goal Virgin Active Gym and I have been going at least 4-5 times a week as its a little pricey even though I got the membership under a student so I pay £57 a month which is good for Virgin Active but it is still very pricey.

For this post I thought I would open up and tell you about my progress and some of my fall downs.

So I joined Virgin active at the start of January, and to begin with it was very busy but within the last 2 months it has become a lot more quiet. I must say I prefer it when its super calm and quiet in there as I don't really like other people watching me work out and also me being me I begin to get competitive with others in there! Also can I just mention something that really irritates me, this is when people will go on the treadmill next to you when there are tonnes else where so if you do that don't be offended when I move away and go on another treadmill further away haha!

So within the last month I have noticed I have lost 6lbs which is almost half a stone! Its crazy because Im not huge but I had put on a little after christmas so thats all the christmas weight gone. I am also quite close to my goal weight already which Im really pleased about! I have also been keeping a track of my body measurements as sometimes when you are using weights you won't necessarily loose weight as muscle weighs quite a lot too. I have definitely improved in my strength training from weight training, which has made me believe in myself more.

I also have been running more since joining. When I first started the gym I was awful at running and I have really improved since joining so much so that I want to register to do a half marathon next year. I know that it would require lots of training but hey ho why not start now! I also want to compete in Brighton's colour obstacle run which is coming up, it looks hilarious and great fun! Also someone in my family just did one, which has made me even more determined to do it too!

Whilst I workout I have found it be extremely useful having a playlist dedicated to gym only. Im sure many of you fitness guys out there already do that haha! It just makes it so much easier as most of my songs are old classics which are just such motivators in working out.

I have also been loving buying more and more workout clothing and sometimes just wear them around the house because they are so comfy, If you guys want I could do some of my gym outfits? Let me know down in the comments! Workout clothing really motivates me to workout too which sounds really strange but if you know then you know!

If you read my recent January favourites you would have seen the protein shakes that I have. I still am using them because I love them so much! I also really want to try some pre workout and see what difference that makes to my workout. Also if there are any brilliant shakes that you guys use please comment them down below as it would be so useful to see what other people are using.

I am going to be doing a post soon about some healthy snacks you can munch on whilst living a healthy lifestyle which are quick and easy to make, so keep your eyes peeled!

So that is todays post for you guys! Sorry it was a little short, but it was just the first update on how I've been and hopefully there will be more! I also have been thinking about starting a youtube channel up for a little while now, so watch this space and it may be coming in time. I hope you guys have been having a good week so far! Let me know if you guys have a fitness tips or if you have been eating healthier and going to the gym how is it going? Let me know down below!

Much love
Lucy x

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Liz Earle Skincare Review!

Right so hello people!

I know its been a little while and I’m super sorry I’ve just been so busy lately and had no spare time, just been chaotic really. I wanted to do a little review today about some Liz Earle products of mine that I love and thought I should share them with you! So lets get into it then…

Right so first thing is first, the first item I got from Liz Earle is the Skin Repair Moisturiser. This moisturiser is amazing and because I have such dry skin it helps keep it from drying up and is immediately effective. The price of this moisturiser is… This is such brilliant value for money and often they have sales and money off vouchers which helps a billion! Also what I love about this is all the products are natural and they work really well with my skin. So I would really recommend this to anyone with super dry skin even though it is a heavy moisturiser it still works miracles.

The next product I got was the instant boost skin tonic, I love the smell of this product so much, I believe it is because it is rose scented and It just smells lovely! This tonic revitalises the skin and leaves gorgeous looking skin!This product costs £14.50 which i think is amazing for the quality of the product! I tend to use this more in the mornings as it wakes my skin up and really brightens it ready for the day! 

I also got the Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion, this stuff is amazing! I had previously had a sample of this and loved it! This just wakes me up so much in the morning and really helps with my baggy eyes when i haven't had enough sleep (which is quite a lot being a student nurse!). It has a gorgeous scent and contains witch hazel and aloe vera. It is super kind to eyes and doesn't sting on the skin. It really helps revitalise my skin around my eyes, so if you struggle to wake up early or if you're eyes are looking a bit tired i would recommend you to try this out as it really helped me! This product is priced at £13.25 which I think is brilliant!

Lastly but not least is the classic Cleanse and Polish, hot cloth cleanser. The cleanses and exfoliates the skin to help it become clearer. This product removes daily grime and make up from your face so easily. It contains cocoa butter to help smooth the skin and keeps its lovely and soft. This product is amazing and i have been using it for ages and i recommend you try it out too! Its priced at £15.50 which I think its amazing for the amount of product you get and how long it lasts you. I would definitely recommend you trying this to take off makeup as you will really see the difference it makes and it just makes my skin so much clearer when I use it. 

Righty so that is all for today guys, I hope you all liked the post. Let me know in the comments what you guys love using to help cleanse your skin and any products you think I should give a go! 

Stay Happy
Love Lucy x

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

So Much Love! Valentines 2017

So hello guys,
As you all know February 14th was just upon us and whether you spent Valentines day with a loved one or with friends or with yourself, there are so many reasons why we should all love it and look forward to it!

I know quite a few people believe that Valentines day is just a holiday which seems pointless to some as they believe that you should love all the time and not just on a specific day and I do agree that yes you should always share love! But then part of me really loves Valentines day and i think i always have as it has just always been such a happy holiday for me! Even before I was in a relationship I always loved it so its not just because Im all coupled up but its just such a lovely holiday to spread the love! Also I do love the colours for Valentines and it gives me an excuse to wear a bright red lipstick, and why wouldn't you take that opportunity?!?

When I was younger my mum was brilliant in encouraging us to look forward to every single holiday there is in a year including valentines day! My mum always used to get me and my sister something for valentines day which really just shows that you don't necessarily need a partner for valentines day as that is just a stereotype! For me its a time to appreciate and love family and friends as well as your partner if you're in a relationship! So for those people who believe it isn't holiday title worthy thats something to think about.

I also talked to John my boyfriend about it and we discussed how everyday should be a day where you care and show your partner just how much you love them, but also its nice to have a day where everyone is loving towards one another.

For the Valentines day just gone I had quite a busy day and well a pretty amazing one too! To start off the day I was on placement with the community nurses and then halfway through the shift I got a message from my dad saying that flowers and chocolates had been delivered for me, after my shift had ended I got the train to where John lives in his Uni accommodation and met him there! I was just super happy to see him as after a long day all I want sometimes is a cuddle and a nice chilled evening with him. I got dressed and wore a red jumpsuit with a gorgeous berry lip but nothing too extravagant! We then went to Nando's for some food before going to watch a film, the food was so nice and I got 20% off with my NHS discount card even better!! We then went to see the film and got some ice cream which was yummy! After the film we headed back to mine for a chilled evening as I had to be up early the next day for placement. Overall I had such a lovely valentines day and was totally spoilt!

John bought me way too much as usual! The sweetie got me 30 red roses and chocolates with a note delivered to me which I really love and appreciate so much! He also spoilt me with some lovely Lush products and you all know how much I love Lush, I also got a real cute IVY PARK active wear set! I may do a post of some of these stuff soon so watch this space!

Anyway sorry for rambling on but I thought that people need to take days like valentines day and appreciate them just that little bit more and SHARE THE LOVE!!

Stay Happy
Love Lucy x
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