The Balm Nude Tude Palette Review With Swatches

Hello guys!

So it feels like it has been ages since I last did a post, but its only been a week! So today I thought I would do a little post about a new palette I got the other week! The palette I got was the balm Nude Tude palette which is gorgeous! Also if you guys read my post on my journey to being a healthier me, I'm hoping to do an update soon for it. If you guys have any questions you want me to answer about it let me know down below!
So lets get on with the post!

Ive included swatches as i thought it would make it easier to see what the colours actually look like on skin. This palette is priced at £32.00 which Is such a good price for the quality of these shadows! I really love the balm products as they are such great value for money and are just beautiful! These colours as so pigmented and set on the eyes for the whole day! I love all the colours and this palette has become part of my daily routine!

Right so I thought I would go through the colours quickly and just say which ones are my faves and which ones aren't quite my colour but are still gorgeous! Also can I just say I love all the names of the colours which makes me love this palette even more!

Right so going from the left to the right along the top row first.

Sassy - This is a gorgeous illuminating white with a glitter base which makes it oh so lovely to put in the corner of my eyes and i find that i can blend this with almost everything! So this is a really lovely colour in the palette and don't really think you can go wrong with a glittery white!

Stubborn - This colour is a nude rose pink with a sheen to it which is such a lovely colour mixed with a few other darker shades in the crease. I generally use this on the lid of my eye as a base colour as it mixes really well with other colours too so its perfect!

Selfish - This is really nice copper brown glittery shadow and i love using this one on my lid too as it works really well with other shades. I has a sort of grey undertone which i also love. Pretty sure there isn't a single colour in this palette that I don't not love.

Sophisticated - This is a darker glittery brown which is nice to use in my crease or to darken a look up and the pigmentation is UNREAL!  Love this colour as I just love nudes and browns so why the heck would I not love this colour?!?

Sexy - Now OMG this colour is probably my favourite in this palette and its not a colour i would usually go for but omg in my crease this looks so gorgeous. Its a dark wine red brown matte colour (like my description yeah?) and it just blends really nicely with loads of different colours!

Serious - I love this colour as i find its really difficult to get a matte black in a palette so just is such a good one if I'm trying to create a smoky eye. I feel like everyone needs a matte black in their eyeshadow collection!

Right so that is the first row now on to the second row...

Snobby - This is a really cute playful yellow/orange glitter shadow and i haven't really used this much but it is such a gorgeous colour I feel like it is more of a summer colour so i will definitely be aiming to use this in the summer.

Stand-offish - This is a sheen rose pink which is glittery. This is gorgeous on the eye lid and looks amazing just on its own too which is so nice to have an eyeshadow that works both on its own and with others.

Sultry - This is a matte brown which is such a lovely colour for all over the eyes and also works really nicely as an eyebrow shade to fill in them brows.

Seductive - This is a lovely brass glittery colour which is really nice to wear in the outer corner of the eye and also works nicely in the crease and under the waterline.

Silly - This is very similar to sophisticated just a  little bit darker and more glittery which i loveeee!

Sleek - This is a dark brown matte shade which is gorgeous in the crease and also just a classic natural shade for a more brown smoky eye.

So that's all 12 colours in this palette and i love all of them! I would really suggest getting this palette if you love more neutral tones and browns because the colours are just so pretty!
Swatches of the colours are down below.

Stay Happy,
Love Lucy x
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  1. Gorgeous colours! I have always wanted to try this palette, the colours look so handy too - I would use them a lot!

    1. Hey Susie I know right! I use them so much its amazing!


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