Fitness Journey - Part 1

Hey guys!
Hope you are all okay and have had a good week!
So as promised I thought I would do a little about my fitness journey so far since joining the gym.
So as I said previously I joined my goal Virgin Active Gym and I have been going at least 4-5 times a week as its a little pricey even though I got the membership under a student so I pay £57 a month which is good for Virgin Active but it is still very pricey.

For this post I thought I would open up and tell you about my progress and some of my fall downs.

So I joined Virgin active at the start of January, and to begin with it was very busy but within the last 2 months it has become a lot more quiet. I must say I prefer it when its super calm and quiet in there as I don't really like other people watching me work out and also me being me I begin to get competitive with others in there! Also can I just mention something that really irritates me, this is when people will go on the treadmill next to you when there are tonnes else where so if you do that don't be offended when I move away and go on another treadmill further away haha!

So within the last month I have noticed I have lost 6lbs which is almost half a stone! Its crazy because Im not huge but I had put on a little after christmas so thats all the christmas weight gone. I am also quite close to my goal weight already which Im really pleased about! I have also been keeping a track of my body measurements as sometimes when you are using weights you won't necessarily loose weight as muscle weighs quite a lot too. I have definitely improved in my strength training from weight training, which has made me believe in myself more.

I also have been running more since joining. When I first started the gym I was awful at running and I have really improved since joining so much so that I want to register to do a half marathon next year. I know that it would require lots of training but hey ho why not start now! I also want to compete in Brighton's colour obstacle run which is coming up, it looks hilarious and great fun! Also someone in my family just did one, which has made me even more determined to do it too!

Whilst I workout I have found it be extremely useful having a playlist dedicated to gym only. Im sure many of you fitness guys out there already do that haha! It just makes it so much easier as most of my songs are old classics which are just such motivators in working out.

I have also been loving buying more and more workout clothing and sometimes just wear them around the house because they are so comfy, If you guys want I could do some of my gym outfits? Let me know down in the comments! Workout clothing really motivates me to workout too which sounds really strange but if you know then you know!

If you read my recent January favourites you would have seen the protein shakes that I have. I still am using them because I love them so much! I also really want to try some pre workout and see what difference that makes to my workout. Also if there are any brilliant shakes that you guys use please comment them down below as it would be so useful to see what other people are using.

I am going to be doing a post soon about some healthy snacks you can munch on whilst living a healthy lifestyle which are quick and easy to make, so keep your eyes peeled!

So that is todays post for you guys! Sorry it was a little short, but it was just the first update on how I've been and hopefully there will be more! I also have been thinking about starting a youtube channel up for a little while now, so watch this space and it may be coming in time. I hope you guys have been having a good week so far! Let me know if you guys have a fitness tips or if you have been eating healthier and going to the gym how is it going? Let me know down below!

Much love
Lucy x