5 Super Healthy Quick Snacks!

So hello there!
Hope you have been having a fab week so far! My week has been up and down, but that is life!
Anyways I thought I would do a little post on 5 things you can snack on that are super quick to make and are super healthy too! If you guys have any easy snack recipes then comment down below, would be so good to share ideas and help everyone out!
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So lets get on with the blog post...

The first snack is one of my favs and its super easy to make! This snack is apples and almond butter! This is such a good snack to have as it has sugars and proteins together to keep you going for longer without hitting all the crappy food, which makes you feel good at the time but later on you end up with headaches and it just goes down hill... Its also a super easy snack to make as all you have to do it chop up an apple and grab a tablespoon of almond butter and shove it on a plate and voila! This snack also tastes amazing theres just something about the mix of the two that works so perfectly!

Then next snack that is super tasty but super healthy is of course carrot sticks and peppers dipped in hummus! Now the hummus i usually have is store bought red pepper hummus, but making your own can be just as good and even healthy, but for the pure essence of time and effort store bought is just fine. I will usually chop up a carrot and red bell pepper and the grab the hummus and put about 1-2 tablespoons in depending on how much I feel like having. But this snack is just such a quick and easy one that also tastes amazing!

Another fab snack to have is popcorn! I know what you're thinking how can popcorn be a healthy snack?? Well if you got a popcorn air machine then you can buy the corn from most supermarkets and then simply just pop the corn in the machine and voila, obviously adding things like sugar and salt don't make it very healthy any more but popcorn fills you up quickly and is a great thing to snack on!

The fourth snack that I love to eat is of course granola! I love snacking on granola as it keeps me going for longer meaning I don't snack on other crap because Im fully for longer. The granola I usually have is the Rude Health Honey and nut granola. I also love this one as it completely wholegrain and also contains spelt.

The final snack that I love to eat are kale crisps,  these are such easy snacks and taste amazing, don't forget they are a superfood too! So I grab a bunch of curly kale then just sprinkle some chilli powder over the top with a drizzle of coconut oil then shove it in the oven to crisp up which usually takes about 8 mins on 180 degrees fan.

So those are my top 5 go to snacks which are super quick and super healthy! I hope these help and if you guys know any good snacks comment them below as it would be so great to come up with new ideas! Also let me know if you guys like this kind of post if so let me know down below and also go and subscribe to my youtube channel above ^^ .

Stay Happy
Love Lucy x