Wagamama's with John!

Hey Guys!
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Hope the new year is treating you all well! I thought I would write a little blog post about my first trip to Wagamama's the other day as a lot of my friends really like it there and me being me thought that I should blog about it!
So I went to Wagamama's on Wednesday the 4th of January with John in Chichester and we were there for the afternoon which was such a cute afternoon! I just find Chichester such a lovely town and I love all the shops plus bonus there is a Lush in Chichester!!

So when we got into Wagamama's I was surprised at how quite it was (then I realised it was like 3pm haha) which meant we had the choice of any table or bench, we went for a cute table by the window. I have never been to wagamama's before but knew a few of the orders before going. So because I had heard good things about the Chicken Katsu Curry I thought I would give that a try and John had the Wagamama's Ramen bowl which included loads of different meat mixed in a broth with noodles.

My dish was super good! I really liked it and it looked really fresh and like it had just been cooked, which it had! And for the time it took to come I was really impressed! I think John liked his dish too so I think we will definitely have to go back there! Also the price wasn't too bad for what you get I think my meal was like £10 and for a filling lunch thats not too bad! I was also super impressed by the amount of fresh raw food there like there were so many smoothies that I wanted to try but we just didn't have enough time so i would really love to try some of their smoothies next time for definite!

I thought that I would put a few pics below of the food and atmosphere. Sorry that this post is so short I just thought It would be nice to have some record of it as one of my resolutions was to blog more for memory sakes, so here I am sticking to my resolutions let me know what you resolutions are down below and also do you have a favourite dish from wagamama's you would recommend for next time?

Stay Happy
Love Lucy x