November Favourites!

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Hope you guys are having a swell December so far! It feels like yesterday I was typing my October Favourites, time has flown by! So today it been the 3rd of December I thought I would post my November Favourites and also let me know what you've been loving for the past month as I would love to know! Let me know in the comments below.
So lets just get straight into it then...

The first product I've been loving is the MAC pro longwear Concealer, which is a new product for me and I had heard this been raved about so much before so I thought I would give it a go as I have a blue vein which likes to show quite a lot! I am lucky in the fact that I don't get many spots but I do have this vein thing under my eye which is such a pain to cover so I bought this to see if this would work and most drugstore concealers don't work under my eyes or they dry them out. OMG this concealer is honestly so good for full coverage it covers my vein so well you can barely see it which is a first! This product was £21.00 which I don't regret buying one bit because it is soo worth it and the shade that I wear is NW15 which is a lighter shade which I really love!!

The next product is also a makeup item... Benefits Benetint! This is a Rose- Tinted lip (and cheek) stain which I have never used until now, I got a free sample sent to me (because I bought so much off debenhams, whoops). So because Ive never used one before I can't compare it to any thing else, but from what I found with it was that the colour really stayed on my lips and it didn't have any drying effect on me which I was really surprised about. The colour that stains is really cute and christmassy!

Alberto Balsam damage repair shampoo and Conditioner is my 3rd favourite for November. This has seriously helped my hair and makes my hair feel so smooth and lovely after each use. I use the avocado and coconut shampoo and conditioner. The amazing thing about this product is that its not expensive, I paid £1 a bottle for these beautiful gems! Honestly its going to be one that stays in my hair care for a while! I find it really difficult to find a good shampoo and conditioner thats not too expensive. Would really recommend using this is you have dry hair and want it to just look and feel smooth!

Okay so the next thing is food, surprise surprise  its cotton candy grapes. I've only recently discovered these and omg they have made me fall in love with grapes even more! If you haven't tried them you seriously need to although finding them can be quite a task, I think I searched for what felt like years which was probably only a few weeks... I got mine from Sainsburys for £2.50 which I don't think is too bad for flavoured grapes as grapes are usually expensive anyway. The great thing about them is that they are fruit so basically healthy right?!?

Finally these are a product which I bought on Black Friday during November and as a result they were only £6.99, of course Im talking about Sharpies! The pack I bought the limited edition 80s Glam Colours pack of 24. Im a little obsessed with Sharpies but am I right in thinking that all bloggers love them too? Let me know if you love sharpies and which ones you've got down below! I love using them to make notes or posters, colour coordination is my favourite!

See ya all soon!
Stay Happy
Love Lucy x