Cute Christmassy Primark Haul!

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So I thought I would do a little post on some of the items I bought in Brighton's Primark recently as I think some of them are really cute and just need to be shared.

So I only spent around £25 in Primark (Brighton) but this was because not a lot of stuff there I like. The Primark in Bristol I find has a wider range of clothes but still Primark is Primark! I got 5 items in total which if you work out it was about £5 per clothing item (however i did spend a little under £25).
Now a few of these items aren't very christmassy at all but i thought I would include them anyway as I always try to get things like this whenever I go to Primark partly because its such good price for the items.

The first items I picked up were two cute long sleeve grey tops. Both of these were £5 I believe and one of them is a glittery grey cold shoulder top and the other a plain grey turtleneck. I was kinda disappointed in the clothing range in Brighton's Primark as they didn't have a huge amount that looked christmassy just winter basic stuff, so next time I go to see my sibling I will head into Bristol's Primark and may do another haul to show you the difference in the two shops. I really liked the look of the glittery top as it made me feel really christmassy, because you know who doesn't love glitter?!? Also I loveeee the fact that it has a cold shoulder cuff part as I'm really liking these tops at the moment. The other turtle neck top I bough was a basic grey one which will go perfectly well with either some leggings or under my pinafores. Also is it just me that thinks some pinafores look really cute and christmassy this year?? Just in case you're wondering I got my pinafores from New look and they are fab!

One of the next items that I bought were these really cute black winter boots which were a bargain at £7! They are really comfy and are a such a good price. I really like the laces on these boots as I think it makes the boots look unique as Ive never seen anything quite like them. If I'm being honest they look a bit like Timberland boots but I know they aren't. I think they would look really cute with jeans and a top or a skirt and a cute top/jumper.

So the two other products that I purchased were a pack of beauty blenders which I got for £1.50 and it included two blenders. Then the second product was a pack of 10 felt hangers which I believe were £5. I really love both of these basic products and they always come in useful! I love these hangers as they are really good for clothing that slips off hangers like silk blouses. I have never tried Primarks beauty blenders before but these are really good for the price.

So that's all the products that I got from Primark I know its not a huge amount but I still love all the 5 products I bought. If you guys have bought anything christmassy or from primary recently let me know down below I would love to see what you guys have been buying this Christmas season!

Stay Happy
Love Lucy x


  1. Aw this is so cute, I love the bits you picked up! I am so impressed with your blog by the way, keep up the amazing work pretty gal! x

    1. Aww thank you so much that means so much! :) x


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