Christmas 2016!

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Hello everyone! 
Hope you have all had the most amazing Christmas and got everything you wanted! I spent my Christmas surrounded by family sharing presents and eating as much turkey as physically possible. 
I again was spoilt rotten this year and I am so grateful for all the presents I received! I also love giving at Christmas, some people say your either a giver or a receiver at Christmas and I definitely believe that I am a giver, I absolutely love buying people presents at Christmas! It just makes me feel so happy giving people presents and watching them open them makes me feel so good inside, can anyone else relate to that?
One thing that has upset me this Christmas is that leading up to Christmas I haven't been really festive so within the last few days I have had to cram all festivities in that time! This is because I have been on placement for the whole of December and also working part time at Sainsburys so doing 32 hours at the hospital and another 12 hours at Sainsbury's hasn't left me many hours to be festive as I went in the morning around 7:15 and get home at 10:30 at night so just went straight to bed then repeated the next day. However even though this did tire me out I've really began to appreciate all that health care workers like nurses and doctors do for everyone around Christmas. They do not all get the day off on Christmas day so I thought I would just take some time to appreciate what they do for us and appreciate the NHS as sometimes we may take it for advantage around this time of year. After completing my placement I've realised just how rewarding nursing is and how much I want to pursue this career. 

Anyway back to the post. I thought I would talk about my Christmas day because then its almost documented down as  memory and in years to come I can look back and see what Christmas 2016 was like which i think is a lovely way to keep memories. 

So I spent this years Christmas with 2 of my cousins, my grandparents, my parents and my sister. I love spending Christmas with family it really makes the day special for me! 

So now onto what presents I was lucky to receive this Christmas, I love every single one of my presents that I've received and will try my best to put a link to all the presents at the bottom of the post. 
I thought that I would categorise the presents so it makes them easier to see properly and then you can skip to which ever category you wish. 
Okay so the first category is make-up/beauty. 

Okay so in this category we have some eye shadows, eyeliner, brushes, contour stick, a beauty blender, a lipstick and some eyeshadow sticks too. 

Okay so the first eyeshadow palette is a small one from a brand called Young Blood. This eyeshadow palette includes room for 4 shadows, even though its a small palette I love the colours as they are really cute pastel colours ready for spring to come. Also the area thing about the product being a smaller palette is that I can carry it around with me in my bag, but I really love this palette and will put a link below all of the items in this category including the price and where you can get it from if possible. 

The next item in the picture is the Bobbi Brown long wear cream eyeshadow stick in the shade Taupe. I have already tried this and worn it already and I absolutely love it! I've never really had eyeshadow sticks before but oh my god they make eyeshadow so much easier and less effort to apply! I will definitely be purchasing more eyeshadow sticks in the future and some of them will have to be Bobbi Brown sticks! Also they are definitely long wear as they stayed all day on my eyes and didn't smudge or fade which I thought was brilliant! 

Next up is the Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner in the shade Trooper. This shade is an striking jet black which is such a sleek classic cat eye look! The liner brush to apply the liner is so good, it makes the application super easy! Also another thing I love about this product is that it stays on all day and doesn't really rub off like many other liners, which is such a good thing! I will definitely be buying another few of these in the future maybe some in a brown colour too!

The next product is a Satin MAC Lipstick in the shade Brave. This shade is a lovely nude which has a satin texture, this makes it have a shine off of my lips which looks gorgeous. I will do some swatches of the colours that you can't see as I know its so much nicer to see what the actual colour looks like on skin. This is my third MAC lipstick so my collection is now starting to build up, I would love to get some more red berry colours from MAC, so if any of you know any berry MAC lipsticks let me know in the comments! Also I got a small sample of the MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash mascara, but in all honestly I didn't think it was that brilliant and you can buy ones very similar for a cheaper price at drugstores, so I was a little disappointed in the MAC Mascara. 

The Clinique Chubby eyeshadow stick is the next product. This is a shadow tint for eyes and is in the shade 04 Ample/Amber. This product has such a sweet but subtle shimmer to it and is a lovely spring colour stick, so I will be using this during spring time as it makes using eyeshadow so mush easier and its nice to just pop on this colour as a base too!

The next product is also another Clinique Chubby Stick, however this is the Sculpting Contour stick. This is soooo good I can't even stress how much I love this product! It makes contouring so much easier, one because the application is like a pen with drawing lines on your face also this product blends so easily! Just use a beauty blender to blend it out and you can blend to however you desire so it tailors to everyones needs! PERFECT! 

The next product is another favourite of mine it is of course the Naked Palette 2!! I have literally been wanting this for AGES! I have finally received it and I am so happy its unreal! The eye shadows in this palette are super cute some of my faves right now are foxy, whopper and tease. Also in this palette there is a matte black which OMG will come in so useful the amount of times I have needed a matte black eyeshadow and its never been there is ridiculous! But now I have one!!!  I also think the price that you pay for a Naked Palette which includes the double sided brush is great as you get 12 lovely colours and a brush included and for high end make up i think its brilliant!

The next two items are Applicators for make-up. The first are some Lottie London Brushes, I got the best of the brushes collection as I just needed some more brushes all around and this collection included face brushes as well as eye and eye brow brushes. Also I think the design of these brushes is super cute! I'm really into pastel colours at the moment and I'm not sure why so I love those! 

The next applicator is a beauty blender/ Cosmetic Sponge by Dirty Works and these are just always useful to have as I tend to use a different one for every type of product I use like foundation or bronzer/contouring if ya catch my drift. So yeah again very happy with this product too!

Young Blood eye shadow palette - 

Okay so the next category coming up is clothing...

So I got a few clothing items for Christmas and I love all of them! I'm usually very fussy with picking clothing and also if I have never tried it on before I get really funny about what it will look like on me. These clothing items are super cute though and I'm really pleased with them! 

Right so the first item is a mermaid tail blanket which are super cute and the colour i got was grey and OMG they are so cosy! Also because I'm small it covers my whole body so i get so warm and toasty in it!

Next along is a bralet and underwear set by Tommy Hilfiger which was so unexpected and OMG i love it so much! I love wearing these as they are super comfy and this is my first Tommy Hilfiger one and I already want another one! This is such a cute gift to get someone if you know they love comfy clothing!

The next item is a skirt from New Look which is just a plain black skater skirt, I asked for one of these as I needed another basic skirt as then its easy to create outfits and skater skirts are just an essential item! Also I don't think it was too expensive which is perfect as it will go with basically everything! Also it is slightly A-line which makes a nice difference for a skater skirt so its not too floaty. 

The last clothing item is another Tommy Hilfiger item, which was again a lovely surprise! I love this top as its super soft and is such a good lounge top and Ive been wearing it as PJ's top ever since I got it! It is honestly so cosy and would totally recommend getting this if you love cosy tops!

The next category is a little random but I thought its like a lifestyle one...

Right so there are 6 items in this category... 

The first item from the left is a giant Vaseline tub which contains 3 smaller tubs of Vaseline. It includes an original, aloe Vera and rose Vaseline. I love Vaseline as I get really dry lips sometimes so this really helps me out and Vaseline is just essential! It also wasn't bad for the price so would really recommend getting these if your lips get dry or crack easily!

Next up is a cute triangle necklace I got from a friend of mine, I really like necklaces like these as they go with pretty much everything as are just so cute! 

The third item is a unscented candle from The White Company. I really like candles they just make me feel so relaxed and comfy. Candles just make the whole atmosphere feels cosy and warm especially during cold winter nights. 

The next item is a lamp shade which if you have read my blog post on redecorating my room then you'll know that I wanted to get a new lamp shade, which I now have got! YAY! This lamp shade is the arlo grey shade from Dunelm. 

I also received a Breville Smoothie maker in pink, which finally means I have my own smoothie maker! I love making smoothies and so this gift is such a great idea for me! Also I love the cups that you mix it in and drink it in as they are the perfect size. 

I also got a box of Black Magic Chocolates which is always just amazing to have a box of chocolates to nibble on at night when its freezing outside whilst being cuddled up to a fireplace with a warm mug of hot chocolate! 

So next up is the category I was very surprised at receiving but also thrilled... its Harry Potter (which is quite funny as I am currently watching Harry Potter as I write this post). Please excuse my toes in this photo but I thought for a bit of laughter and banter. 

Right so up first in this category is the Gryffindor scarf which i think is such a cute souvenir to have if you love Harry Potter like me. So was a lovely surprise to receive this to add to my Harry Potter collection. 

Next is the Harry Potter Train card holder which is such a good idea for me as I get the train to university all the time so now i have somewhere cool to put my tickets when southern rail decides it wants to run... Also means I don't lose my tickets which i probably would if I didn't have one of these. 

Lastly were two small but cute Christmas eve presents that I received. Firstly were the every flavour beans which are just cool to try! Then secondly was a Gryffindor pen which is super cute, I will definitely be using this to write notes! Now all I need is a Gryffindor note pad!

You can get all of these products from the Harry Potter Store and I didn't want to put a price as I wasn't totally sure and didn't want to lie to you...

Next is the Booze...

So this is the last category and as you can see I have received so much!!! 
Okay so in this image you can see I received...
Prosecco, Apple Sourz and Peach Schnapps lucky me!!

You can get these drinks from most supermarkets like Sainsburys for example. 

So that is all for this Christmas post! Sorry I know it was really long but I thought It needed to be as Christmas only comes once a year so why not do a reallllllllllyyy long blog post about it! I hope you all had the most amazing Christmas and comment down below your favourite present from this Christmas! 

Stay Happy 
Love Lucy x