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Hello there!
Sorry I have been away for a little while I've been super busy with uni stuff, so I'm sorry that this post is a little later than it would've been! This is a quick post about a few products that I recently treated myself on from benefit! I bought these items as if you bought two benefit items then you got a free sample and  make-up. So here are the products...

The first product which I bought was the Roller Lash mascara which I have previously talked about in   another post. This product is such a good one and is not too expensive either! I believe I paid £19.50 which is honestly so good for this product, and I find that this mascara really lengthens my lashes and doesn't clump which is a big thing for me with mascara! 

 The second product that I bought was this benefit all purpose sharpener, and I bought this as I really needed a new make-up sharpener and this one was so inexpensive at £4.00. This product is such a necessity I just had to get it! Also the great thing about it is that you have 2 different hole sizes which can also be altered to fit the product that you're sharpening. So if you're looking for a brill sharpener then this is definitely one to get!

Soooo this is the free make-up bag that I got with my order! Its really cute and I feel would fit loads of my free sample stuff in so I think that this make-up bag is going to be used for my samples bag, as it can fit quite a few of them in. And having this for free was soo good would recommend getting products if they have similar offers on to this!

Now this product was the free sample received with my order, and this is one of my favourites of the lot! Benetint is a lip and cheek stain and bare in mind that Ive never tried lip stains before but OMG this was so good! This is in the rose tints and comes out a dark pinky red colour on your lips and the great thing is it doesn't remove when you drink or eat so stays on your lips forever and comes off when you take it off! So I will definitely be buying another one of these, perhaps in a different colour, but it has left an amazing impression of both benefit products and lip stains too!

So I hope that you liked that post and let me know what benefit products you love! Sorry that this post is a little short, but its short and sweet! I am planning to post a few more which i have lined up for next week, so
keep your eyes peeled! Hope you've all had an amazing week so far!
Stay Happy
Love Lucy x


  1. Ooooh, I'm jealous you can afford these - it's hard being a lowly student :'(

    Would love to see some swatches and what these products look like on :)

    Elesaurus |

    1. Yeah I spend way too much on makeup haha! Ooo yeah good idea ill do that in the next post about lip stuff. thanks for the tip :)


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