Urban Decay - Primer Potion Review

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Hope you're all doing well and have had a good week so far! Thought I would do a little review for ya about a product which I have been using recently!

Soon the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is the amazing little product that I'm doing a review on! This Little primer is a gem! It literally works miracles! I picked up this product from Debenham's for £8, and this is the travel size, but honestly I think this size is big enough. This may be because I don't tend to use a huge amount on my eyes, as it goes on quite smoothly so I only tend to use 1 swipe for both my eyelids and this works out perfect for me!

I have tried the little samples that usually get stuffed into the naked palette packaging and really liked the product, however it is definitely a lot smoother in this travel size rather than sample, but that may just be because my samples are quite old...

I only actually purchased this item as I needed to make-up the money to get free delivery haha! But I am so glad I got this! I won't lie recently I have been spending a little bit too much on make-up, especially from Debenham's as its basically my favourite shop because it has everything you could need from a high street store! I did buy a few other bits from there too that you may be seeing soon in some more little reviews. If you do enjoy reading these reviews then let me know in the comments below! Also if you know any other really good brands primers for eyeshadow let me know down below!

I believe the full size primer potion is about £16 so double the price. If you are looking for a primer for eyeshadow but don't want to spend too much incase you don't like it this is definitely one to get (or at least think about!)

I genuinely have changed how I put on eyeshadow since using this as it definitely shows the shadow more pigmented and stays on my eyes all day! So its amazing for if you're going out for a night out as then you don't come home looking like god knows what!

So overall I would say that this product is very good for the price and is definitely worth a purchase!
If you guys want me to review any other primer products, know any other great products or want to use me to see if a product if worth buying!
Stay Happy
Love Lucy x


  1. Lovely review - found your blog through bloglovin'! I've only heard great things about this product and you've just added to it...making me wanna get it so bad hehe xx


    1. Thank you so much Lexi! Haha yeah you should totally get it hehe! xx


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