Re-Decorating My Room!

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So here is the post as to why I haven't posted very much recently. I have been busy redoing my room up! I don't want this to be an extremely long and tiring post but I'm gonna give you as much detail as I think necessary and why I love my room so much more now that I've decorated it! I haven't completely finished it but the majority is complete. So I thought as bits and bobs arrive for my room I will collect them all and perhaps do a haul? Lemme know what you guys think in the comments, and please head over to Bloglovin and follow me I would so love it if you guys did!

Right so first thing is first when I started this I didn't quite realise how big of a task this was going to be! It has taken me about 3 weeks to do... and has been very tiring! So obviously I had to blog about it! I will try to put all the things in my room at the bottom of the blog. Of course if you guys have any questions about any of the products or this blog comment them down below.

So first of all I had to start painting my walls white as this was the colour that I chose mainly because it goes with anything and everything so it was easy to match many of the things I already had in my room. I had to first "cut in" with a paintbrush and this was so that when I went round with a roller I didn't have to worry about the edges as they had already been painted which made it so much easier. However this was probably the most time consuming and difficult part of this whole process! I used a smallish paintbrush to cut in so I didn't ruin all the edges and made them as sharp as possible.

Okay so after I had done what felt like 1000000 coats of white paint cutting in I was finally able to start painting the main part of the walls using the roller and this only took about 2 days in total as I had to do 3 coats for it to cover the dark purple completely! This was probably the most fun and messy part of the whole decorating! 

Okay so after painting of course I got new accessories for my room and new furniture! One of my favourites is my new Chest of Drawers from IKEA. This was a part of the Malm range and was only £99 for a 6 draw piece and I absolutely LOVE it! I also really want to get the desk from the Malm range to help finish off my bedroom but right now its a little too expensive!

The next big accessory that I got was another item from IKEA and this was the big grey rug and at £40 I'm pretty pleased with it! Its fluffy but not too fluffy so its quite easy to clean (why am I even telling you that haha!) 
Also I just want to mention my desk and bookshelves are also from IKEA however I got these a few years ago and so I am not sure if they have the exact same product in store but I'm sure they will have similar ones!
My new lamp is also from IKEA and was only £16 and I love it so much! To me its looks really vintage and I love the fact that it has a pull lever thing that switches it on! Its the little things that please me!
The next big topic about my room is the duvet and pillows of course! Okay I'm about to rave about ASDA get ready! ASDA OMG! Your duvet sets are unbelievable! I think I paid around £15 for this double christmassy duvet which is 100% cotton ( a must in my house) and also the two small pillows ("baby its cold outside" and Grey faux fur) were only £5 each and they were too cute to leave! Also another amazing place for pillows and duvets is Sainsbury's. I got the 2 big light grey faux fur pillows for £16 each and the heart pillow for £5. So ASDA is a little better money wise than Sainsbury's but both still sell amazing bedding! Who knew Supermarkets were the king of bedding!?

Next to my bed is my TV, now I didn't buy that new I just got a new TV bracket for it that allows it to swivel so much so I can watch TV in bed! It was only £10 from amazon and it depends which one you need to get as my TV may be a different measurement to yours.

Now a few of you who love the brand Kilner may have noticed that I have a few kilner jars on my desk holding me stationary and make-up brushes. These were only £2 on offer at Sainsburys, so I don't know if they will still be on offer there but I'm sure you can pick them up for a similar price elsewhere. I just thought they were really sweet and cute to hold a few bits and bobs.

So I think that's it for the moment... If i went through every single item in my room I would be here for decades! If you do want to know where any specific items were from juts comment down below and ill let you know as soon as I can! Sorry for the ridiculous amount of pictures but I thought the only way to really know what I'm on about it to show you through my eyes.
Also I am going to try to blog more so if you've got any requests let me know in the comments below! 
Stay Happy 
Love Lucy x


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