Girl Online - On Tour Book Review

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Hope you all are having a good week so far! If any of you reading this are on bloglovin, I've now hit 100 followers on their and I know its not a huge but for me its such an achievement to have people who actually like what I read and I am so grateful for you guys!
Anyway lets get on with the post! Now this post is a review about the sequel book for "Girl Online"  which is "Girl Online On Tour". This book is written by Zoe Sugg and is a part of the Girl Online book series. When I did my first review of Girl Online I said I may be doing a review of the sequel book so here goes...

So firstly this book is a really good follow on book and is so easy to read! I love this book because of this and if there are any of you readers out there looking for a new book set which are easy reads and not too pricey! Also the next book in this trilogy by Zoe is out on the 17th of November (less than a week :D).
Also as I mentioned this in the girl online book review before I thought I would mention it here too, the cover is again so simple but effective. I love the colours and they work really nicely together.

So the storyline for Girl Online on tour is really nice and the chapters flow really well. Also this book shows nicely how a teenager like Penny goes through quite a lot and has to rely on herself to get through it, which i feel is so relatable to life as a teenager/young adult! Penny goes through so much drama with Noah whilst he is on tour and I actually really felt for her which is such a good thing for a book as it makes you feel more involved with the book, hence why I read the book quite quickly...

Again this book has a great twist at the end which has really got me excited to read the next book! I won't spoil it for those of you who haven't read it yet, but some things happen even though you don't expect it to, which is how real life is.
However the only issue I had with this book was that it was almost too similar to the other book and so got a little repetitive in a few of the chapters, but in total it was an awesome book!

P.S if you guys have any books/book series you want me to read and possibly review please let me know in the comments below! Also sorry I haven't posted a huge amount lately Ive been busy with something I'm doing in my room (I'm going to blog about it when I finish it). Also apologies for the short post today, I will hopefully be posting again this week, as always...

Stay Happy
Love Lucy x