Christmas Drinks At Costa - Honeycomb Latte

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So I thought I would do a little post on Costa's Christmas Drinks for 2016 and thought I could perhaps make it a little series? Let me know what you think and if I should in the Comments below!

The first Christmas Drink at Costa that I have tried is the Honeycomb Latte. I got a Large with cream on top, which also came with honeycomb sprinkles on top, overall it came to £3.70 which was only 50p more than a small.  So I thought it was quite well priced for a Costa Christmas drink.

In the previous years I have tried the White Hot Chocolate, which I absolutely loved! So I was very sad that they didn't have it this year!

On to the actual review of what I thought of the drink. First thing is first when you get the drink its got cream topped with honeycomb pieces which were super tasty! When I took my first sip it was sweet but bitter, and because of this I wasn't quite sure how I felt about it...  It slowly grew on me but I have to say it wasn't my fav!

Another thing I wanted to say was how cute are the Costa cups?!? I think they look really cute and retro, definitely prefer them to last years ones even though they were still really cute!

So thats it, I know this was a very short review, but it was only one drink so I guess its fair enough.
Keep an eye out for more posts.
Stay Happy
Love Lucy x

(Picture: Costa/Twitter)

Photo credit to - Costa Christmas Cups.


  1. I've not tried that one yet, but I have tried the gingerbread latte and the orange hot chocolate. hot chocolate... is... the... best... drink... ever...!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Yeah I think I had the Gingerbread latte one last year, haven't tried the orange hot chocolate, but that sounds yummy! Will have to give that a try!!
      Lucy x


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