5 Step Pilates Workout For Beginners!

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Now this is a little different to what I usually write about but as this blog is about me and my life, this also relates to what is happening in my life right now. Within the last month I have been going to Pilates workout classes at my University to help keep me fit and healthy. I realise that I've only been doing this for a little while so I am no way an expert at this Im still a beginner but thought I would share what Im doing and see if it helps any of you guys out there! Pilates exercises are designed to increase muscle strength and endurance, also they help improve flexibility, posture and balance. It involves using your own body weight help train your muscles, how cool is that!? I've been doing this workout for a little while now and I do it either just as I wake up or before I go to bed as it is quite quick and doesn't require a huge amount of effort! I also love all the names of pilates moves they just make me giggle! For this workout you will need a mat and that is it! Okay so before I start I just wanna say that for me personally I find it easier to do the hard bit of moves as I exhale, but if you prefer inhaling you can do that instead, just do whatever you find easiest! Also I apologise as they are my own drawings and I am no way at all an artist just thought it would be easier to draw as I can't take pictures of myself doing it haha!

1- The first move is a simple roll up. Okay so you start by lying face-up with your legs extended. As you roll up your chest exhale. Then pull your abs in and be in a seated position. Finally reach forward towards your toes, when you reach your toes inhale, then exhale as you slowly return to your staring position facing upwards on the floor. Repeat this move for 5 reps.

2- The second move is the double-leg stretch, so lie face up with your knees lifted up and bent over your hips and your heels together with toes pointed. Then you need to lift your shoulders and extend your arms to either side of your body and inhale. The next step in this move is to extend your legs up in a 45 degree angle whilst extending your arms over your head, exhale as you do this. Repeat this move for 15 reps.

3-Rond de Jambe is the third move and this has a few more steps than the others. So first you want to  lie on your right side with your legs extended and feet flexed out, you can either place your hands under your head supporting it or extend your arm out and lie your head on it. Then you lift your left leg up to a 90 degree angle, exhale as you do this. Then Move this leg in a circular motion in front of you. After that move it just behind you, then extend back up into the starting position. Switch sides to complete this move. Repeat this move 10 times per side.

4 - The fourth move is Hot Potato and to do this lie on your right side with your legs extended on the floor and you can support your head with your hands holding your head or extend it out and rest your head on it. Raise your left leg then lower it towards to the floor in front of your right foot and then lower it and pulse it 6 times then move back to the middle. Repeat this for behind the right foot and pulse 6 times too, after you have done this once each time you repeat it lower the number of pulses by 1. So it goes 6,5,4,3,2,1.  Repeat this move 6 times on each side.

5 - This move is a nice and simple one... the plank and this is pretty straight forward. Hold this move for 30 seconds and you don't need to repeat this one.

Thats the workout done! Well done!!! Its only a light workout so if you're trying to lose weight add some cardio to this like a 20 minute jog, but as I said I'm no expert so you don't have to listen to me. If you liked this little health and fitness post let me know in the comments below and if you have any future ideas please let me know in the comments below.
Stay Happy
Love Lucy x