Lush Products Review.

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This blog title probably explains itself already but just incase there are some people reading this blog who are unaware of Lush and their products they make, I'll explain a little about who they are, what they do and their products.

First is first I am no expert about Lush and this is all from my own knowledge so please in no way take this badly or that I am an expert about Lush and what it stands for.
So Lush is a beauty company that are all for fighting against animal testing, have high ethics and are also their products are 100% vegetarian. I will put a link at the end of this blog to Lush and their policies if any of you are further interested. Lush make a HUGE range of products from bath bombs to lip scrubs and from everything I have tried I LOVE! I am especially in love with the seasonal products which includes Easter, Halloween and of course Christmas (Yes I know that it is currently not easter and a little far away from christmas, but I thought I would mention them anyway). From my experience with using Lush products so far has been GREAT! They are really good for my skin (which can get really dry especially during the cold months). Even with me saying it is all good for my skin it may not necessarily be for yours so please try a test patch before using as all skins are different!

So now thats my intro bit done I thought I would show you a few of the products which I recently brought from LUSH stores and also received a few from my boyfriend do a small review for each of those. (Disclaimer I mostly have bath bombs because I love them).

Bath Bombs, Bubble Bars and a few other little bits...

So the first products are the bath bombs and bubble bars (Of course). These bath bombs and bubble bars are going to be sectioned into seasonal as I purchased only the seasonal ones, but thats no to say that I don't buy the all year round ones because I have in the past and they are just as brill as these are!


SOOOOO the first bath bomb is "Lord Of Misrule" and this isn't in the picture above of all of the bombs as I had already used it before taking this picture, so I'm inserting a picture from LUSH website with a picture of what It looks like.
This bath bomb is such a great halloween one as it seeps a deep purple OOZE with popping and crackling noises as well as a dark rich green filling the bath.
This bath bomb definitely helped me unwind during the halloween season. I will most likely be buying this product again.

The next halloween bath bomb in this blog post is the "Northern Lights" bomb, now I haven't actually yet used this but the smell of this bath bomb is incredible and also the colours are awesome from clips Ive seen on the LUSH website. Its colours are really vibrant from what I've seen and I can't wait to try this soon!

This is a halloween bubble bar that I mostly used up so it wasn't very pretty to take a photo of but here is the photo from LUSH's website. This is the first year I have bought the "Sparkly Pumpkin" bubble bar and OMG its very glittery!! I love glitter so its not a problem with me but if you're not a fan of glitter wouldn't suggest for you to purchase this. I always use way too much of the bubble bar because I LOVE bubbles and these definitely create bubbles. This bar has a very autumnal scent to it and colour too. It comes out in a vibrant orange just like a pumpkin (SURPRISE).  However this one does create a bit of a mess in the bath afterwards but if you don't mind washing the glitter out a bit then its AWESOME!



Okay so I could probably talk about my love for this product all day and how sad i am that it is only a christmas bath bomb and not out all year.
This is the "So White" bath bomb and is by far my favourite bath bomb from LUSH. I have purchased this quite a few times in the last few years.
This bath bomb's scent is LUSH (pardon the pun), it smells of fresh apples and almost like fresh winter air and is one of my favourite christmas smells bar spices and cloves of course. Overall i would say anyone new to LUSH should definitely try one of these out this christmas.

So this is the next bath bomb, maybe when I next do a LUSH review post i should include  few other LUSH products rather than just bath bombs...
This is the "Golden Wonder" bath bomb and I had tried this one previously last year it is a great christmas one and like a present has some amazing surprises within in. However this one is a little messy in the bath so again like the "Sparkly Pumpkin" Bubble bar if you're not entirely keen on glitter I wouldn't recommend it. But it is such a great present from a friend or partner, as I actually received this one from my boyfriend (Boyfriend Points).

 This bath bomb I haven't yet tried, its the "Never Mind The Ballistics" but my oh my it smells amazing!! This is yet another bath bomb that I received from my boyfriend. I am so excited to use this one and on my next LUSH blogpost I will review the ones I haven't properly reviewed, so I'm sorry if this isn't really a proper review and opinion on the products. However the colours of this ball ball bath bomb really excite me and I cannot wait to use it!

This is the "Candy Mountain" Bubble bar and I have used this one in previous years and it has such a SWEET scent to it! I really like bubble bars because you break them off bit by bit which means you can keep using it until it runs out! I believe you can get this one in a gift box so would be a perfect present to someone for christmas.

So this is the "Snow Fairy" shower gel and yes I realise it's not a bath bomb or bubble bar but it is the other bits. This shower gel is really nice and smells AMAZING!! I know its only a small bottle but it does tend to go a long way for me, maybe thats because i tend to have more baths than showers? Haha! This is definitely for someone who loves a sweet scent!


This is a product which I received as a gift from LUSH. Its the "Tea Tree Toner Tab" and opens up your pores which is great for your skin. Also another thing i like about this product is, the price! Not that expensive products aren't great because they totally are! But this product is definitely GREAT for the price. 

Well thats the end of the products I bought/received, if anyone wants to look at LUSH and their products in more detail here is the link to their website. 

If you guys like this sort of stuff be sure to let me know, because I enjoy writing and reading about LUSH products.

Stay Happy!
Love Lucy x