Girl Online - Book Review

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So as I've only just recently read Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (yes I know I'm a bit late...) I thought I would do a little book review as I love reading books and book reviews so thought I would give it a shot.

So to start off I am a fan of Zoella (Zoe Sugg) and this was one of the reasons as to why I bought it. I wrote down a few points as to what I like about it, so here goes...

1- I thought I would begin with the cover as well that's usually where a book starts and what most people look at before buying a book. The cover for "Girl Online" I think is really nice and suits the storyline as it begins with a blogger called Penny who wants to remain anomalous and from the picture of the girl with the camera on the front cover it doesn't show her face which I think is a clever way of showing the storyline through a picture. Also I really like the colours and font as they are really eye catching.

2- Okay so after I actually opened the book...I started to read and OMG I couldn't put it down I read within a week (which is quite quick for me). It was such an easy read but had such an amazing story to it and the more I read the more I felt for Penny (the female lead character). Also another good factor about reading it in general is that the chapters are quite short and if you're anything like me I like to finish on the end of a chapter after each reading session which is really easy to do with this book, and it also helps with making each chapter clear and concise which also makes it such an easy read.

3- My next point is about Penny's character and how it is so easy to relate to. Penny is a young blogger who suffers from anxiety and I can relate to how that feels too. In relation to this i think that a book can be so much better if you're able to relate to some of the characters within it. Penny also lives in Brighton which is also relatable for me as I live near Brighton and travel there everyday for University, and party why I understood the book so well as there are specific places such as "Choccywoccydoodah". This definitely made this book such a great one for me and is one of the reasons as to why I couldn't put it down.

4- So my next point in the review is about how the book is a fictional romance which are my favourites!! The book has such a light hearted feel about it with a twist of romance and I feel that any teenage or young adult female could really relate to the books story! With Penny falling for "Brooklyn Boy" in New York having only known him for a short while, it shows how quickly things can change in a short period of time for younger girls.

5- Finally my last review point is about the ending and how the twist is almost unexpected but throughout the book you really hope that it happens but don't believe it will. The ending also has made me want the read the next book for this series of Girl Online, which is called "Girl Online - On Tour". So as soon as this post has gone up I will be reading that.

I hope you all liked this post and If you want me to more like the next Girl Online book let me know in the comments below or if you have any book suggestions that I read please let me know too!

Stay Happy
Love Lucy x


  1. I actually really enjoyed this book as well! It was such an easy read that made me feel so relaxed and calm. Am still yet to read the second book so if you beat me to it i'd love to read that review! Holly x

    1. Totally agree with you! Haha don't worry I'll be sure to do a review but won't put any spoilers on the review incase you haven't read it! Lucy x


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