A Little Bit About Me...

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So this is my first EVER blog post and i'm not entirely sure how this goes down, all i know is i love reading others blogs and wanted to start my own because i kinda love keeping all my memories written down in one place and if other people such as you guys reading this right now enjoy blogs, maybe stick around to see if we like the same things?

So a little bit about myself... First of all I'm 18 at University, I love beauty, baking and everything that makes me happy in life. I've always loved reading whether it be blogs, fiction or non-fiction and this in itself kind of explains why I'm starting this blog, hopefully there will be something for someone who enjoys reading as much as I do.

Before creating this blog I had travelled a bit around the world and OMG it was amazing! I traveled to the Philippines with my boyfriend and then went around to Denmark. It was amazing to experience the culture and different worlds, and with do this I hope to travel a lot more in the future! I thought I would put a few pictures of my travels up on here (pictures are at the bottom).

I had an idea that If i only write a small snippet about me on this post then  on posts to come I will slowly complete the book about me (metaphorically of course). I love watching TV series, at the moment I'm watching "Gossip Girl" on netflix and a couple of other series that are currently on TV such as "Our Girl" and of course "Great British Bake Off" which are both on tonight!! YAY!

Anyway enough for this post, come back if you want to see other posts I'm writing about and hopefully who knows someone will actually enjoy my blogs.

Stay Happy.
Love Lucy x

P.S sorry If my blogs aren't very good as I'm only just starting out (literally) I haven't got the best idea of what they are suppose to look like or be like, so i'm making my own style. Hopefully it will get better with time.