A few ways to keep stress from your life.

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So firstly this post as you can see is about me finding ways that help me de-stress about the things in my life that can cause me stress whether it be work, exams, family and just life in general. Sometimes the little things in life can be what gets you down, but you can't forget about the little things in life that make you happy and even that one moment of happiness during your day can flip it back to a great day rather than continuing to have stressful day after day.

This post may help some of you guys during times of stress and unhappiness and they may be what brings your day/week or even month to what it was like before you were stressed.

Stress is something we ALL deal with at some point in our lives and to be honest most of us go through it everyday. Now days there is a lot we can stress about, which isn't such a good thing. I've found from being quite young that a lot of the younger generation go through stress during their school time and even at home. Most stress at school is caused through exams and studying for big tests that could mean the world to you in that moment and if you don't get that certain grade all your hopes for a career that you want to pursue could be changed. And in that moment you feel the most stress that you would have ever known. Trust me i've been there. Getting into University wasn't easy because firstly you've got the application part and then getting offers from University's that you've applied too, but you've also got the enormous pressure of getting the grades that they require you to get and thats even if you get the offers. Now I realise that I'm rambling a bit and some of this won't relate to some of you and I apologise for that, but this is how I have experienced stress in the last few years. Some of you may think 'but you got in? why were you stressed?'. Yes I got into University, but I got in to do an alternate course which is very similar to the one I had applied for and this as all because of one grade slip, which for me on results day was extremely stressful. But now I've started my course I don't regret anything and I'm so happy for getting into this course. Some people believe that things happen for a reason and from whats happened to me so do I.

So you may be reading this and thinking 'Lucy what are you talking about?? I came on this blog post to read about ways to de-stress not ways to become stressed?!?' Well now I'm getting on to the few ways that I choose to de-stress, now these things may work for me but that doesn't necessarily mean it will work for you, but I would still give them a whirl.
  • Exercise
Right so exercise is quite an important one for me i find that a quick run or a quite walk every so often helps me to eliminate stress from my life. Okay so I realise that not everyone can go running or walking, but if you can I would encourage you to. There is science behind exercising and prevention of stress. It has been shown that when you exercise like go for a run or walk it will release endorphins  which in turn reduces stress hormones. Im trying to go for more runs as they really do help, if you're not sure why not try it, it may not be so bad! I also find that doing yoga can help as a form of exercise too.

  • Mindfulness
Mindfulness for me really helps to de-stress for me personally. Mindfulness for those who don't know is a therapeutic technique which helps you unwind each day and this can be done through a routine that some people may do to help them relax and take a minute out form their day or for me i use an app, its called "Head space" and I'm on the free trial, from my experience with the app its been really great to help me unwind and just take a minute to gather my thoughts, which in turn helps me to not stress as much and I feel SO much more relaxed when I do this and would totally recommend it to anyone!
  • Plants/nature
This point sort of links also to exercising as when I exercise I go outside around my estate and by the beach and I just feel like the nature and trees around me really help me to stay relaxed. I also just love plants and nature being around me a lot of the time, for example I have quite a few plants in my room and this atmosphere is so nice to come home to after a day at uni or just a LONG day! They also help your home/room look really pretty and I think that in itself is such an important thing too!

  • Relationships
I feel like this is such a vital point, but it will usually get looked over and not enough people talk about it and I really didn't realise or use this as a way to de-stress before. No I'm not talking about taking stress out on family, partners or friends! I'm saying its someone who you can talk to because even sometimes just talking about something thats getting to you can help as someones opinion may help you. I know its hard to talk to others about why you're stressed or if you're upset, but it really helps me. I think its just knowing that someone is there for you and thats what really counts and after all whats family for?
  • Music
I feel like a lot of people know about music helping to de-stress or unwind from the day just to relax or have a bit of me time. I know for me I like to change my music on what mood Im in and usually its a happy one!! I use spotify as my music streamer and there are soooooo many others out there! I think that just creating my own playlist helps me as I can personalise it to however I want it and it won't cause me any hassle! 
  • Crafts/baking/decor
Right this is my final point I promise!! (Yes I realise that I have been rambling on a bit...sorryyy). SO if you don't already know I quite like to bake and also make things. Ive got a section on baking on my blog to so if thats your thing go check it out!! From what I've found from making things it can help distract you from the world for a little while and then this in turn helps you to relax and unwind, also I find that if you constantly think about a stressor then it can seem a lot worse than it actually is! So thats why I believe distractions are kind of important and I'm not saying to completely ignore responsibility in any way but we are all human and we just sometimes need a break from certain things! 

Right thats the end of that post if you liked it please follow or comment below what you thought I would be so grateful to know that other people may actually like what I'm writing about..

Stay Happy.

Love Lucy x