Lush Haul 2017

Hello Guys!
I hope you are all having a brill week so first, the first week of the new year 2017! So far I haven't had the best start to the new year as I have been ill for the majority of it, but the good news is that I am starting to feel better! But today was such a lovely afternoon that I spent with my boyfriend John in Chichester. It was a great way to start the shopping off for the new year! I bought a couple of items from Topshop but only a few so I probably won't do a haul as it was so small. However I did go into Lush and bought 5 items so I didn't do too badly but still whoops...

I recently ran out of Lush products as I had been using them throughout the whole of December so needed to top up a bit. Because you all know just how much I love Lush I thought I would show which items I bought and why so here we go...

The all of these products are bath bombs and bubble bars and usually these are what I buy from lush as I use them the most, although I would like to adventure out and use some of the different products that Lush sell like their lip products and I would like to try their soaps too! So look out for future hauls where I may buy a few different things from lush and stray out of my comfort zone.

So I thought I would start by talking about the bubble bar that I bought from Lush. So this bath product is the Comforter bubble bar which is priced at £4.95. This product is so great I have used it a few times before so I know exactly what I love about this product! This product for starters has 2-4 uses per bubble bar and turns the water a beautiful pink purple colour. This product contains cypress oil which is antiseptic and a relaxing oil, also the aroma is just like fresh blackcurrants. This also contains Bergamot oil which is one of my favourite things in lush products it just smells so good! If you aren't sure how to use bubble bars all you do is run some of the product under water and is produces a mountain of bubbles for your bath.

The next 4 products are all bath bombs which as you all know are my favourite product that Lush sell.

Okay so the first bath bomb I'm gonna talk about is the Twilight bath bomb. This is such a lovely bath bomb priced at £3.75 each.  This bath bomb smells like sweet lavender with a beautiful twilight sky of colours. The colour of this bath bomb is gorgeous its a light purple with the mix of baby blue creating this gorgeous starry night in your bath. Also what I love about this is that its glittery which makes it even better! I would really recommend getting this bath bomb if you love glittery bombs with lavender scents.

The next bath bomb is the Avobath bomb which is priced at £3.50 per bomb. It contains lemongrass and bergamot oils which as you already know I love the scent of. This bath bomb is super good for you skin with its hydrating properties because it contains avocado and extra virgin olive oil. I also love this product as it makes your bath a gorgeous green colour and feels super good when you get out. Also the reason why I bought this one was to help with my dry skin as lately Ive been having dry skin so this is really good for helping that out! So any of you out there with dry skin give this a go and see how you get on with it!

The third bath bomb is the Think Pink bomb which is £2.75 per product. This bath bomb is a little smaller compared to the others but I still think that its brilliant for the price. This bath bomb smells really sweet with vanilla and lavender scents. It turns the bath a gorgeous bright pink which is such a cute bath bomb and a must for any girly girls who love sweet scents! It also contains Neroli oil which is uplifting and toning for the body. This is a lovely bath bomb and I would really recommend all of you guys in love with sweet scents and also the price is brilliant.

 The last and final bath bomb is called Lava Lamp I believe and is priced at £4.25. This bomb contains Tangerine oil which creates a really lovely citrus scent and is uplifting and toning on the body. Also this bomb like many others is really hydrating as it contains extra virgin olive oil and its softening on the body as it contains organic cocoa butter. This bomb turns the bath a vibrant orange with blobs of blue/purple dots. This is a gorgeous bath bomb and I would recommend this to anyone who loves a citrus smelling bomb with amazing skin properties that help to rehydrate the skin.

 So that's the post guys, I hope you liked it and as I said I wanna buy some of the different products that Lush sell. Let me know what you guys think of these bath bombs if you've tried them before or any bath bombs you'd recommend?

Stay Happy
Love Lucy x


  1. I love Lush! Their bath bombs are absolutely amazing and always smell so gorgeous. :) Thanks for sharing! xoxo <3


    1. Thank you Kay! Lush are the best! :) x

  2. All those bath bombs look so cute! Comforter never goes wrong, it's also my go-to Lush product. I've never tried Avobath bomb before, but it sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing xx

    Kaylee 🌛ㅣJK's Dawn

    1. You should totally give it a go! Thank you for commenting Julia :) x


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