2016 Reflections & 2017 Goals.

Hi guys!
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So its 2017!!!! I hope you all had an amazing new years and entered 2017 in style. I spent my new years cuddled up by the TV watching Harry Potter - Deathly Hallows Part2 because I haven't been very well but don't worry I stayed up until midnight to watch the good old fireworks in London (on TV of course).  I thought I would write a post reflecting on the year that has just gone..2016 and also my goals for 2017. 

Reflection on 2016...
Right so 2016 has been a roller coaster with ups and downs for me and it has been such an important memorable year for me. So many amazing things have happened for me this year but as always there have been a few down sides. So I thought I would start by talking about the amazing things that have happened this year in order...

- I celebrated my 1st year anniversary with my gorgeous boyfriend on April 1st. 
- I turned the big 18.
- I passed my exams.
- I went and adventured to the Philippines with my boyfriend and met his family out there. 
- I went to Denmark and showed my boyfriend around (as I am half Danish).
- I got into University to start the course I wanted. 
- I started this blog.
- I got a new car.
- I have had the most amazing first placement in hospital.
- I had the loveliest Christmas.

Now those are just a few of the amazing experiences I had in 2016 and I will not forget a single one. However now like any year there were some downs and instead of making a list I thought I would just briefly talk about them. Right so just before I was going away to the Philippines with John unfortunately my Grandad (mums dad) passed away, this really hit me hard as it was so unexpected and I was stuck between two of the biggest decisions I have yet to make in life. I had to chose whether to go to the Philippines as I had planned for 4 weeks or forget the holiday and go to my granddads funeral, I know a lot of people may not have done what I did but I went on travelling to the Philippines as I believed that he would have wanted me to pursue with my dreams and what I wanted to do and that he wouldn't have wanted to give up on something just because something went wrong. Everyday I miss him and I have now been to see where he is buried and it is gorgeous. After I got back from the Philippines I received my exam results and even though I had passed I had hoped for better results, now I won't say my results and that's not because I a not proud of them but because they are mines and no one else's and if I were to tell you I don't want to be compared to or be compared against, but I felt in myself that I could have done a little better. Now that's all I have to say about some of the negatives of this year, but as I said before that everyone suffers bad parts in a year and that is simply life. But instead on dwelling on the negatives we need to have a positive outlook and look further into 2017 and just live. 

So now I have reflected I thought I would talk a bit about my goals for 2017, now rather than them being really specific I wanted to make them more easily achievable because goals are suppose to be positive and not make you strain yourself in order to achieve them! So here are 5 of my goals for 2017.

1- My first goal is to be healthier and happier in myself. I will often put myself down and not look after my health and body properly so I thought it was about time I turned this around. Also fin what makes you happy, like I have such supportive and loving family members including my boyfriend and friends too! So my aim is to work on myself a little bit more. 

2 - Work hard. Now this may seem like an easy one but life can get in the way. I want to work really hard at my university course and pass all my exams and just try my best. As my grandad said practise makes perfect. 

3- Be helpful and kind. Right me saying I want to do this doesn't mean I am not already some of this, it just means I want to expand on it and develop it more and share some love to those who share love with me too. 

4- Get Fit. Now I know a lot of people will have this on their goals for 2017, but as we have had Christmas and new years I feel like I want to strengthen myself more and become strong, not just physically but mentally, which I also need for the career I want to pursue. This is also to prove to myself that I can do anything I put my mind to which I believe is really important to do as it builds you up and makes you have self confidence.

5- Last but not least is to take it slow and appreciate everything more. I feel like 2016 went way to fast and one of my goals for the next year is to make memories and I want to keep a record of all the big things that happen in 2017, so I thought I could maybe blog them because then it is such a lovely way of keeping memories. Also a little add on is that I want to keep my blog going and I have already had so much support and love from you guys! So I wanted to just say thank you guys for being there for me and maybe not even really realising it as sometimes just one comment or a like or save makes my day and just makes me that much happier!

I know this post wasn't really long but I thought it was just the right amount. I hope you guys are all having the best new years so far! Let me know what you guys are up to so far this new year and maybe comment some of your goals for 2017! 

Stay Happy 
Love Lucy x