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Hello you guys!
Hope you've been having a good week, haven't had the best one myself its been full of ups and downs but best thing I can do is stay positive and hopefully everything will sort itself out! Also can I just say I have had so much support from friends and family this week and thought I would stress how important it is to have support around you in times of need, even if its only a small thing thats the stressor or if  its a huge thing support helps you get through it soon much easier! Anyway enough about that, can we talk about how its the 2nd of December!!!!! Meaning Christmas is just around the corner and this year i'm super excited for it, Ive also been super prepared for it this year so I don't do what I have done most years and stress myself out by leaving it to the very last week or even day...

So instead of me blabbering on and on lets get on with the post! So today I thought I would do something thats really sweet as a little treat to yourself which is basically free! I honestly wouldn't share this with you if I didn't think it was amazing! Feel Unique have a samples range on their website, which I didn't know about until recently and OMG this is such a god's send!!! You can get 5 free samples a month of products that they sell in their store and you only need to pay for delivery, which I believe is £3.95. 
I got 5 samples during the month of November from Feel Unique through the "Pick n Mix" samples. The samples that I got were:
- BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss - Maverick 
- Lacoste Eau De Lacoste Pour Elle Natural Eau De Toilette 
- Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moisture Boost Vit C Cream
- Ole Henriksen empower featherweight moisturiser
- Redken Beach Envy Volume Duo Conditioner 

First thing is first is the Bare Minerals lipgloss which is in the colour maverick. This lipgloss has such a lovely christmassy and autumnal colour to it and it lasts quite well through the day. However Im quite fussy when it comes to lipgloss and I found this one quite sticky also it made my lips feel really minty, its difficult to describe but it just wasn't my favourite lipgloss. But in all fairness the sample is quite big and so would be a good present to someone who likes lip glosses for christmas! 

Next up is the Lacoste Eau De Lacoste Pour Elle Natural Eau De Toilette (man is that a mouthful!). Now OMG I loveeee the smell of this and Im not usually to keen on Lacoste Perfumes or Eau De Toilette, but this one just smelt really fresh and I love that kind of smell especially for when its cold outside! So you may see me purchase this bottle a little bigger than the sample in the future! So this one is definitely for anyone who loves fresh scents (smells a little like Lush's bath bomb "So White").

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moisture Boost Vit C Cream was the next sample sent through, however I didn't actually order this one I sadly didn't receive my Clinique Moisturisers Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Cream, but instead received this. I was happy with the Emma Hardie product however it felt really thick on my skin and didn't really moisturise it well. I did however love the smell as it smelt of freshly picked oranges. I have used to Clinique Thirst relief moisturisers before and trust me when I say that they are a gods send it you have dry skin like me! The Emma Hardie product was good but only for those if you like thicker moisturiser creams.

Next is another moisturiser which I absolutely loved!! This is the Ole Henriksen empower featherweight moisturiser. Okay for starters I love the packaging I think its really cute and works so well with the product itself! This cream is really lightweight hence it being "featherweight" so it works as a lovely moisturiser as it is not too thick and really goes into my skin. I use this as a base before applying my primer and foundation, and this really helped to keep my skin from cracking and drying up meaning my foundation and face stayed on really well throughout the day! This product was honestly my favourite one out if everything so i think I will definitely be purchasing this very soon! 

Finally is the Redken Beach Envy Volume Duo Conditioner, this was such a great product and really made my hair feel smooth and freshly washed but also had the effect of my hair having a beach tousled effect which I loved! It really nourished my hair so would definitely recommend this to those who want beach wavy hair with minimal effort! 

Thats it for today guys, hope you liked the post and comment down below if you've found any places where you can get free samples for a similar price! Lets help everyone out and try before you buy!

Stay Happy 
Love Lucy x